Zenith Industries Trim Puller
Zenith Industries Trim Puller

Zenith Industries Trim Puller


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  • Large contact area distributes force and will not put a hole in your drywall
  • 15 degree wedged center for easy extraction of trim and baseboards
  • Does not damage walls or the trim, baseboards, crown molding
  • Saves time from having to repair holes in drywall you normally get when you use a crowbar
  • No other tools needed (only a hammer) such as a shim or board spacer


The item was as described and arrived when promised.


This is the tool you want to have to remove baseboard. Insert it at a slight angle on top edge of the baseboard, tap it with a hammer so it slides behind the base board, then tilt the tool toward the wall and pull. Voila! I did go around the edge of the baseboard first with a straight edge razor blade as it has been painted/puttied previously...this way it removed from the wall very cleanly. This tool makes the job much easier and is worth every penny.


I do not want to write a really long review, so I will sum it up for you...
BUY IT.... Even if you don't need one.... BUY IT.
Had to remove baseboard molding and door molding on a project. This thing is incredible.
YES, it works Great. It is made very well.
My friends laughed when they saw it... Not any more. They went out and ordered one for themselves.
Thank you for fast shipping and making a GREAT PRODUCT.


I was expecting a lightweight tool. NOT! This thing is a brute! Very heavy duty. You can hammer on this and not have even a thought of damaging it.


If you're a professional craftsman that often to occasionally removes trim, this is a 'must have' tool. Why? Several reasons:

1. It's very effective at removing trim (it does exactly what the inventor intended)
2. Very simple, easy to use
3. Massive striking surface...you can't miss
4. Nice, non-slip comfortable grip (durable EPDM)
5. Reduces and/or eliminates time-consuming drywall repairs

Of course, most people finding/contemplating this Zenith pry bar are asking (what I asked myself): "Do I really need this? Is it that good/effective or just another gimmick tool?" The answer to this really rests in demoing the tool yourself. Once you try it...well, it's just the right tool for vast majority of trim removal work.

I have two Vaughn pry bars plus another long flat one--all have been used in the past for decades (and have caused drywall damage at one time or another). This Zenith bad boy on the other hand exceeded expectations and caused no damage.

One smack on the massive striking surface and the trim practically blew off the wall. Hardwood, MDF, softwood...it doesn't matter. It seems to do excellent in all the situations I've encountered so far. The tool is a pleasure to use.

Bottom line is most folks own scissors and could trim the lawn with them...but why? Get a lawnmower or hire someone with a lawnmower because it works! Same deal here. This trim tool works very well. Perhaps not in every situation, who knows?

Overall you'll be delighted to have and use this trim puller. I don't have a lot of extra room on my truck for useless/redundant tools. This is neither. In fact, if I had zero spare room to carry it, I'd get rid of something not so useful to make room. Excellent purchase: good heavy duty quality, effective, easy to use and priced reasonably. For professionals, it's well worth it.


With a heckuva lot of improperly installed 5-1/4" base molding to remove before a flooring job, I purchased this based solely on so many five star reviews. And from the very first pull everyone involved with the flooring job was awed by this wonderful piece of tool design. It works better than anything you will attempt to use, and it works without damaging the trim or the wall.

And after removing the trim one of the guys started using it to remove carpet tack strips. It did that well, also, but not really any more efficiently than a good flat bar.

This product is worth every penny of its price. Those who complain about it being overpriced haven't used it on a big job. If they had they wouldn't be complaining, they'd be praising. This is our go-to tool for pulling trim and baseboard. It is terrific.


Performs exactly as Ron Hazelton described it. This worked well for removing baseboard without a single mark on the drywall. With the upcoming project, I decided to go for it. Because of the price, I didn't give it the fifth star.


I love this trim puller. It is large enough to hammer into place and not damage walls. I used it on 3" trim and had no problem. It does not have a good nail puller but I like to pull nails out after I have the trim off and pull from the back side, as to not damage the trim.


This is a stout tool and will hold up to rough use. I installed flooring but needed to pull trim throughout the house and I did not break a single piece with this tool. Take your time and let it do the work


This is a much sturdier tool than it looks. It appears to be just a bent putty knife in the pictures, but it is actually quite large and strong.

It is about a 10.5" long, with a really solid grip. The blade is 1/8" thick metal. Under the blade there is a small wedge to help pry trim as you pound on it. I expected something breakable, this is not. I might sharpen it at some point.

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