Wind-Lock Copperhead Rasp
Wind-Lock Copperhead Rasp

Striker Copperhead Foam Rasp



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Each Striker Copperhead Rasp is individually inspected and etched with a unique serial number to ensure that you receive a top-quality product

  • High-grade tungsten bits for more efficient abrasive action
    • Ergonomic handle to provide optimum grip and reduce palm strain
    • Uniform grit and flat blade for greater surface contact and consistent rasping
    • Durable and tenacious, lasts up to 100 times longer than paper
    • Rounded corners for gouge-free rasping


5 stars


Customer service outstanding I purchased 1 of each size last week received them next day and for the money why would you use any other


This is 30 lower then others and got mine in 2 days


This is my third one and they last for years


Best I have ever used and priced fair

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