The BlendMate Rounded Corner Color Transition Blending Tool
The BlendMate Rounded Corner Color Transition Blending Tool

The BlendMate Rounded Corner Color Transition Blending Tool



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The BlendMate makes painting color transitions on rounded interior wall corners easy. Bullnose or rounded interior corners provide an elegant, soft look to a home. But, if you want two adjoining walls to be two different colors, you have a problem. Where--and how do you change colors when the walls have no end? Until now you had to choose a place to make the color change and attempt to make a straight line. To an inexperienced painter this line is time consuming and very difficult to achieve. When using masking tape on a textured wall, the paint often bleeds under the tape and leaves a jagged edge. Even if one has mastered straight lines, you still end up with a harsh color change on a corner that is supposed to have a soft elegant look. The BlendMate has solved this problem perfectly. This amazing tool not only allows you to paint transitions with ease--it blends the two colors together, completely removing the transition, creating one seamless and beautiful flow of color from room to room. Using the BlendMate could not be easier. The syringe-style paint chambers take the mess out of working with paint. Simply draw the paint directly from the paint can and paint your corner. The drive screw at the back of the tool ensures that equal portions of paint are delivered to the rollers. Color changes of similar colors often vanish into the shadows. The BlendMate works well with all color changes and even works when blending from low-sheen to high-sheen paints.  

  • 2 roller assemblies and simple instructions included
    • Eliminates awkward color transitions between rooms
    • Blends on any wall texture, works well blending from one sheen level to another
    • Paints color transitions in a fraction of the time required when using conventional methods  


    My friend had told me about this product showing me the website and photos, so I figured I'd give it a try. I'm typically very good at keeping my lines straight when painting, but the bull-nosed walls take me a ridiculous amount of time since taping them is more of a nightmare than just eyeing it. We painted my friend's dining room arches so far and it's just a clean, blended look. She went from a light, cream color to a light grey. I, on the other hand, have a dark blue wall that we'll be blending into a cream wall (and eventually a suede). I have yet to try it on my walls. My only issue will be when I hit the top of the wall and floor-boards (I'll most likely just have to tape the ceiling and floor-boards where they meet the wall since the sponge doesn't have a flat edge for those areas). No big deal at all.


    The blendmate worked wonderfully for the bull-nosed edges in our new home. I was able to seamlessly blend a turquoise blue and light gray with a very professional look. The product was easy to use and I completed the wide doorway in just a few minutes. Looks great!


    I wish I would have had this tool sooner!! It makes painting the rounded corners so much easier than trying to guess where to put the tape down. Thanks Dave for telling me about the BlendMate


    It took me a few tries to get the hang of using this...but it is SO worth the effort. It can be a bit tricky to get the paints to come out evenly, especially if you are working a long stretch of bullnose corner. The final result was gorgeous! Waaaay better than trying to blend by hand or even worse, get a straight blunt line on the bullnose corner


    From the moment I opened the package, I have found the Blendmate very easy to use and produces excellent results. It pays to have a section you can practice on before working on a lot of corners. Until now, I avoided painting any rooms a different color when I had to worry about it butting up next to a bullnose corner - NO MORE! This tool will allow a lot more freedom for me to paint the walls different colors without worrying about the transition.


    This product is fantastic. It makes the job look so professional. It blends the colors so well and flawlessly. It is wonderful. It was a wise investment.


    We have 3000 sq ft of bullnosed walls to paint and were stumped by the corners until we found this blendmate. It did a great job on both light and dark color transitions. Made painting much easier and the results more dramatic


    The product worked exactly as the videos did online. I blended a latte color with a yellowish color with ease. The only downside to the product is the cleaning. Make sure you spend a good amount of time cleaning the attachment, otherwise the paint will not disperse evenly onto the rollers. I highly recommend this to anyone who has to transition on rounded corners. Refill packs are not necessary as the rollers are easy to clean off with warm water.


    Quite simply, the tool does as it says it will. It blends the paint using two syringes and the sponge rollers at the end are filled with paint. These bleed together in the middle roller and create a transition. The only catch keeping this from being 5 stars is that it takes some considerable practice to get the blend to occur evenly on both sides of the corner and we had to go back over several times to get it right. This is simply the fact that it takes skill to do it well and that skill takes a little time to develop, but all in all, it's a good deal and I'd buy another


    As others expressed, I was very skeptical about this product at first. I painted my dining room a deep teal color which had bullnose corners next to a beige room. This tool blended the two paint colors perfectly. I did one coat on the two door ways and wasn't happy but a second coat made it look perfect. Because the colors were so different, it does look like I spray painted, but I prefer this look so much more than the straight lines I've seen on my friend's walls who also have bullnose corners. Well worth the price.

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