Silver Aluminum Alloy Stilts 24-40
Silver Aluminum Alloy Stilts 24-40

Silver Aluminum Alloy Stilts 24-40



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You'll feel like an extension of the legs with practically natural movement of the feet. It creates greater balance, better control, more stability and less fatigue. Really a good way to save you from moving the ladder for many times! You can surely solve the painting, electrical, drop ceiling and many other problems with it. What we offer is guaranteed with top grade quality ever. Thus, it is also perfect for commercial application just like rental business besides home use.


  • Eye-catching design in silver color
  • Comply with somatology and motion feature
  • Lightweight & strong aluminum alloy construction for easy motion & high working strength
  • Adjustable calf brace with pads and leg bands to provide more comfort
  • Heavy gauge overlapping aluminum leg tubes
  • Added safety with metal buckle straps and heel plates
  • 3-position heel bracket accommodating different foot sizes & preventing slippage in every direction
  • Exclusive wing bolt design for adjusting versatile height without help of tools
  • Dual action springs for flexibility
  • Skid resistant with premium rubber soles
  • Lock nuts installed at all crucial pivots & connecting points for greater reliability
  • Parts replaceable to ensure years of safe and continuous use
  • Adjustable from 24" to 40"
  • 227 lbs load capacity
  • Minor assembly required
  • Perfect for both home & commercial use



Falling off these could kill you. Adjustment instructions are not thorough. I had to move uptube guides in a way not on the instructions to get proper support. Fell once (in view of wife) on first attempt to use. See YouTube demonstrations. Get shorter version if inexperienced.

All that said, the product is of quality construction and will be useful in closer quarters of inside work (though practicing near the eaves is good). Instructions are typical translated Asian and limited primarily to assembly. Have an able bodied assistant while you learn to use these. There is a spring that tilts the stilt when knees flex and it takes a level surface and some practice.


I thought for shure that these stilts would be a poorer quality because
of the price. My other stilts are just not worth fixing anymore.
These stilts are of the exact same quality as my $230 tall boys
when they were new.


Clovis Tools always does an awesome job at getting me things quick and safe. So that parts a no brainer. These as very strong and and well built for under $150 even though made in china or mexico. But if you've never walked on stilts be prepare to practice A LOT. It's hard


The tilts are good for the not perfect. It's heavier than expected. The locking mechanism leaves in doubts for the of the tilts. So I will use very seldom.i didn't regret buying it.


The stilts were good value but the straps are uncomfortable and need more padding. It would also be nice if the foot plates and feet had soft rubber instead of hard rubber or plastic


I absolutely love these stilts. They have been extremely reliable. Even though they are a bit heavier than expected I still recommend it to every Carpenter/DIY Guy/Girl out there! Thanks Clovis-Tools!


I am making a Slender costume for halloween, and i needed drywall stilts to make the long legs of the costume. when i saw that these were 60% off, i bought them immediately.

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