Senco DS275-18 Cordless Collated Screwdriver

Senco DS275-18 Cordless Collated Screwdriver


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The DS275-18 cordless. Covers from drywall to decking to floor sheathing, its versitility is unmatched,With 3,000rpm,driving from 1"to 3" screws for a wide variety of screw fastening applications.Comes with 2 18volt one hour charge batterys, a charger, carrying case and two spare bits.

Cordless 18 volt battery power for the demanding needs of professional remodelers and contractors.

Drives 1 to 3"screws ,even in hard woods.
Easy depth of drive adjustment regulates the precise amount of countersink
Trigger lock with reverse for continuous work
Fast easy 50 screw strips to speed up production.



So, your tired of putting in screws one at a time and having to have someone to help hold drywall. Your prayers have been answered. This thing rocks! No cords. Incredible speed. 30 round clips. What more could you ask for. The batteries charge fast and you get 2 of them. I may be heavy for some but if you are man enough to handle it, the power is worth the weight. If you wish something lighter go with the 14 volt. It still has decent power but the 18 volt can power through decking as well as drywall. Happy hanging.


I have been satisified with SENCO products in the past. I think the DS-200AC screw gun is amazing. Unfortunately it only drives 1"-2" screws and I needed to drive 1 1/4 and 3" screws for a project. The DS300AC is really meant for subfloors and is too awkward for drywall, so that left the DS275-18. I was leary of a battery operated system, so I called SENCO and they stated that it could handle 3" screws without a problem. So I went ahead and bought it.

It powers through the 1" and 2" screws - not having a cord is very nice. However, on a fresh battery, it could only drive a couple 3" screws into 2x4's. The drive simply ground to a halt at the end. After the first two screws, it would only drive 2 1/2" of the 3" screw consistently. I guess a hint that this tool was never really meant to handle 3" screws was that the 3" screws do not fit into the screw guard - the instructions state to remove the screw guard - wish someone at Senco would have told me that.


I purchased this item a few months ago. Wow what a tool! I was considering buying a 14 volt but decided against it because bigger is better and this is the United States. The 18 volt screw gun I bought came with an extra battery and that is a necessity because when you are putting down flooring like I did after about screwing 300 screws the battery runs out. I have used this tool to drive over 2000 screws, what a time saver.


I have a Senco angled finish nailer and I am very satisfied with the durability and reliability of it. This gun, that I was gifted, isn't really my bag. It feels like a mattel toy. It seems to work alright, but it doesn't handle 1 5/8 screws which is industry standard. Plus I have piles of screws at the shop and having to stock the collated screws needed for the gun just isn't worth it. Especially since you have to learn how to use the mechanism that feeds and screws the fasteners in. It just isn't worth my time. I imagine if you are one of those carpenters that are on a crew that tapes their screw gun triggers down and punch hundreds of screws in an hour maybe it is for you, but we are not a high octane type of outfit


While in the middle of a whole house remodle it became apparent that the "squeeky floor" had to go. Every room, entire house. I spent one day with a drill and a large box of screws in one room. Enough was enough. I ordered the Duraspin hoping that it would do the trick. I charged both batteries and loaded the first strip of screws. It was easy! After the second screw I got the hang of it. I placed 50 screws in the time it took to do 5 the old way. I was standing, not kneeling(knee saver). Each and every screw drove to the necessary depth. The battery lasted up to 400 screws. I had no stripped screws with the Duraspin.It is by far the best buy I have made in a tool in many years. I look forward to using it for years to come...if I can get it back from my neighbor...


The DS275-18 deserves 4 1/2 stars. I do not agree in giving a low rating just because a tool "isn't for you". If the tool performs as the manufacturer intended, then rate it for its purpose, not your feelings.

I used the DS275-18 unit to install 5/8" drywall and it performed very well. I'm not sure the batteries would hold up long enough to use the unit continuously all day as a wall board hanger would do. Extra batteries would over ride that concern. For the occasional handyman / remodeler, I would say you should be pleased with this screw gun.

I enjoyed using it to install 1/2" cement board in a bathroom and kitchen floor before tiling. It really saved a lot of time. Using 2" galvanized decking screws, I was able to screw in 12 sheets of 3 x 5 with 4" to 6" spacing before both batteries were exhausted. The unit worked VERY well. I messed up on a few screws because I angled the unit; I just followed up with a regular screw gun to correct the problem. Also keep the regular screw gun handy to back out any misplaced screws. Even thou the unit has reverse, it is not designed to go back and extract screws. The mechanism will advance another screw and time will be lost while you try doing so.

My only concerns with this unit are the battery charge time and it does not allow for an extension so you can stand straight up. The batteries lasted long enough for the 12 sheets, but the charging time seemed extensive. I took an early lunch and had at least one battery completely charged. If it had an extension handle accessory, my bending over while using the unit, would no longer be an issue. If your young and less than 6' tall, you may not care about the extension.


...However- I was building a very large deck and I needed to screw down lots of composite decking. I was thrilled with the promise of this tool and I couldn't wait to get the thing. I happily got my new gun and charged my batteries. My first use worked very well right off the bat, but I could only drive about 25 or 30 screws before the battery died. I went to battery #2 and got similar results. (I was driving 2-1/2" composite deck screws.) I read the instructions again, and they stated that the batteries would hold a charge much better after 3 or 4 complete chargings. I really wanted this to work so I stuck with it a few more days. I gave the tool a fair opportunity to meet my needs, and I charged both batteries repeatedly over the next 3 days, but alas, The most screws I was able to drive before either battery died was around 50. I think the composite screws and decking materials are just too much for this thing to handle.


I can't imagine ever doing another deck without this great tool! 2 Decks - 10'x28' and 30'x40'! over 2000 screws (2-1/2" Weatherex) and not a single problem. I don't know why previous reviewers had problems... I never had to wait for a battery to charge, took only a minute to figure out how to load the screws and a few practice screws to learn the way the gun works!


I bought this tool for the sole purpose of constructing my fence. I was amazed at how well this tool handled. I chose it over the corded version because of the freedom from tripping over an extension cord. I chose the 18 volt because of the need of a longer lasting battery that would endure a torque filled job. This tool worked so well, my arms were sore from driving screw after screw after screw. Each battery would drive about 400 screws per charge. The feeding mechanism was simple to learn. The belt clip accepts a key chain sized carabiner which works very well with a belt hook. This tool was well worth the price.


I've been into new home construction and custom deck building for several years now and I am kicking myself for not getting this screw gun a long time ago. This gun is extremely easy to use and set up. Just pick which bit you want to use, slide the screws in, and go to town. Screw after screw after screw, it's amazing. If you're currently pre-drilling pilot holes and screwing each screw in by hand (as I was), this tool will literally take hours off of your labor time. I've used it for screwing down sub-flooring, deck boards, railing balusters, fencing, and dry wall and it handled all tasks equally well. Screw lengths of 1"-3" make this gun extremely versatile.

When I first got it and started to get ready to use it, I remember my boss (very old school) standing there at the house next door thinking how stupid my new tool was, he was extremely skeptical. After screwing down the first deck board in a matter of seconds (two screws per joist on a 14' board) I turned around and his jaw was on the floor...priceless!

The only bad thing about this gun is the battery life. It comes with two batteries and a 1-hour charger, and if you're doing any really big job you'll want to get a 3rd battery and a 2nd charger to keep you in the game. The only time I've needed the 3rd battery is when screwing down a 1,800 sq ft sub-floor. If that is your main use I would recommend getting a wired gun, but if your jobs aren't that big being cordless is a great benefit!!!

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