Pump Head Broken Stud Repair

Pump Head Broken Stud Repair


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Send in your pump head to us for cleaning and repair your pump head stud area or ear of pump head. We will use 45,000 tensil strength Tig and MMA aluminum which is stronger then the head itself and make it part of the head permanently so you can tighten down like before and not epoxy style like some compeditors have used in the past. This is available for any pump head old style or easyclean style, if you send in whole pump and can not pull apart and do not want a rebuild it is an additional $45.00 usd.

Note:90-95% of all heads that have come in to our shop in last 12 years have one (1) side broke only and is priced this way. Very very rarely do we have both sides broke and will not cost any more to fix and we wanted you to know we priced this for a broken stud or one side.

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