Makita 18-Volt LXT Angle Impact Driver (Tool Only, No Battery)
Makita 18-Volt LXT Angle Impact Driver (Tool Only, No Battery)

Makita 18-Volt LXT Angle Impact Driver (Tool Only, No Battery)



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Makita's 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Angle Impact Driver delivers cordless impact power into tough to reach spaces. The versatile BTL061Z packs plenty of torque for a wide range of fastening and loosening tasks, yet it weighs just 3.7 pounds (with battery, sold separately) with a slim design and over one foot of tool extension. 

  • Makita-built variable speed motor delivers 530 in.lbs. of Max Torque, with 0-2,000 RPM and 0-3,000 IPM
  • Ergonomic, long narrow body design provides maximum reach in close quarters situations and only weighs 3.7 lbs. for reduced operator fatigue
  • Features such as a built-in L.E.D. light that illuminates the work area, and a rugged tool belt clip
  • Makita LXT Lithium-Ion battery and Energy Star rated 30-Minute Rapid Optimum Charger produces 430% total lifetime work with 2.5X more cycles
  • 3-year warranty on tool  


Being a contractor for 10 years and 20 more years in the trades I've settled on Makita as the best cordless tools on the market.
This little impact driver is great for those little tough spots on a roof or in cabinets that are really hard to reach.
Good torque drives screws well. I haven't used it as a drill but my other impact drills can drive 1.5 inch spade just fine.
Having said that it does drive screws a little slower.
I wouldn't use this as my main screw driving tool but it is a great solid accessory


I love this thing! the combo of right angle & impactor rules. Ok, you'll need to have the click in drill bits when you need to drill in tight spaces, so go get the snappy set that has regular bits w/ chucks & collars, and drill away. When putting fasteners in tight spots, you usually can't get very good leverage to keep pressure as you drive either, and that's were the impactor rules.
It seems well made, and I've been happy w/ the other lxt tools too.


It works as well as the regular impact drivers but in tight spaces. Didn't think I would use this but have used it several times when installing recessed lights between studs and in other tight spaces


purchased this to do a specfic job on my Boat
I find myself using it for a lot more.
If you have a 18volt Makita battery system this
tool is a very useful addition.


This unit is nice, extremely low profile head that with the right bit can impact in almost any tight spot. Has a nice led job light to light what your impacting which most Makitas do. The only complaint would be a somewhat low torque setting for the impact, which I realize is typical of most driver as they are typically for driving smaller screws. For that purpose this is your tool. I however was hoping for just a little more oomph to drive a tension head that required more torque. So my advice is to buy this for lightweight tight applications. The battery life will be great as well.


It's a really excellent product. Compare its torque rating with other right-angle drivers/drills, even with ones that aren't right angle. Very powerful.

Notes about bits: Bit sets for impact drivers often have bits that are too short to lock into place in the driver - so short that if you put them into the driver their business end is inside the collar, not outside where it can interact with a screw (On an impact driver like this there's no 3-clawed chuck. You just pull the collar out a little, drop the bit in, and release the collar, which locks the bit into place) - so bit sets come with a magnetic coupler/adapter, giving you two choices - waste the tight right-angle this driver gives you by using a long adapter or don't use the adapter and deal with the bit constantly falling out.

Double-ended bits are often long enough to lock into place with little wasted length, and that's what I use just to turn a wood screw in pine, but I'm not sure they're going to stand up to really heavy use. So I think the best bet would be to find a slightly longer set of bits. The depth at which the bit snaps into place is just over 3/4 of an inch, so I think 1-inch long bits would be perfect.

Maybe 6 of the bits in the "Milwaukee 48-32-4401 Shockwave Driver Bit Set, 29-Piece" would work, but of course they don't have any flat head bits.


I own a lot of makita 18 volt tools the 18 volt angle inpact is my favorite just got it i am a mecanic and i use it in the place of an air ratchet workes great and gets in tight places and with the inpact on it it has great power there batterys are the best i got two batterys with my first purchase four years ago and there still going strong many others wont last even a year there products are some of the best in there industry i use my makita tools every day they are made for heavy duty use would highly recommend this product love my makitas.


i have only used this tool for a short time but i am very surprised at the power the tool has. i am in a lot of tight spaces where a regular impact won't cut it. this tool will run self cutting screws with no problem and tighten and loosen 5/16" bolts with no problem. i bought the bare tool (had lots of batteries) at a pretty good price. it has the punch.


I love the new Makita 18 line of tools. I bought this one never appreciating how good it was going to be. It is an outstanding tool, that has more power than I ever expected. It can get into some real tight areas and has plenty of power. The variable speed control is really good if you want to baby something in that is sensative to torque, and on the other hand it has plenty of guts for the higher torque applications.


I recently did a large project in my house and had received this unit for X-mas.

One of the larger parts of my project involved getting about 1000 screws into tight places with precision and consistent torque. This tool really delivered great results.

I looked at other 90-degree converters for regular drills and there was just too much bulk added from a standard drill. Also, if you read carefully, most 90-degree add-ons are not rated for high torque so they may crack after heavy use.

The build quality of this unit is fantastic. It's built like a tank.

The unit accepts regular sized bits and that means quick bit changes are a snap.

The only thing I wish it came with was a snap-on chuck so I could put drill bit on it easily. I do have some hex-slotted drill bits which I can use in a pinch

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