Porter Cable Dustless Sander

Porter Cable Dustless Drywall Sander with 13-Foot Hose


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No Thanks Dewalt Dust Extractor-Direct replacement for Porter-Cable Vac
120 Grit Sandscreen-2 Pack
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Porter Cable PC7800 Parts 


Porter Cable 7800 Electric Drywall Sander with Dust Collection


Variable-speed dial (1,400 - 2,000 RPM)
Built in dust collection hose
1-1/4" vacuum hose is 13' long so that large areas can be sanded in one set up


NOTE: . Vacuum not included


Standard Equipment:
Sanding pad
13' static-dissipating 1-1/4" vacuum hose
Hook & loop straps for mounting power cord to vacuum hose
Operating manual


Power: 120 VAC, 60 HZ
Motor Amps: 3.4 Amp AC Only
Speed: Variable 1,400-2,000 RPM
Pad Size: 8-7/8"
Pad Type: Foam-Backed
Pad Mount: Compression Type
Length: 62"
Tool Weight: 8-1/2 Lbs.


I bought this for a job as a contractor in Fresno California. This product is excellent for large jobs, when hooked up to a dewalt vacuum. It is not very good for small jobs, such as repairs, or bathrooms, it is large and awkward in tight places, however a huge time and work saver on large jobs. I would recommend this for contractors who do a lot of large sheetrock finishing jobs, or plaster jobs, but if you do more small repairs it would be more hassle than it is worth. Thanks Drywall tools plus!!!!!


LOVE this tool! Makes sanding down mud a breeze! So much faster and vacuum the dust up well!


Great Sander, 1,000,000 x better than sanding drywall by hand!!
Takes a little while to get used to.

Attached to 2" in, Wet/Dry Vac hose vie a reducer and works great. Very minimal dust as long as Vac is on and connected.
makes short work of large projects.


Have used these before and was spoiled. Now that I have one, I couldn't be more happy. Virtually dustless sanding. The wand is fantastic because my arms weren't worn out from hand sanding. Doesn't get corners so there is some minor hand sanding, but that is fine with me considering the time, effort, hassle, clean-up and money that this machine has saved me. Highly recommended to any competent person. Used small black zip ties to keep the cord along side the hose. Can reuse dustless bags in the vac if you don't mind emptying it I outside or using another wet dry vac to suck out all of the dust. The happy customer is a great thing. Thanks porter cable!


Makes life sooo much easier. Combined the PC Sander, the Dust Deputy, the Vacmaster, and the iVac switch box to make a mobile sanding station (see photo). Finish an average room in under 30 minutes - No dust in the air, no dust mask required.


I'm not new to this sport. I've done the sheetrock in every house we've built since 1990. I would say rent one to try it if possible. My closest rental is 50 or 60 miles so I finally purchased one. It is expensive for what it is. It does get the wall relatively flat, at which point there is no replacement for hand sanding. It works on lightweight compound as well as general and easysand. If you purchase a fine dust bag for your wet/dry vac it'll work fine rather than buying the special vac. I adapted a shopvac bag to a sears and I changed it three times for 110 sheets of 12' rock. Sanding without dust is nice. There are a few shortcomings in my book. Foremost is the "brush ring" that encircles the head. The bristles seem to stiff and too long, and much of the pressure exerted is wasting fighting the bristles. According to the instructions the model that doesn't have a vacuum attachment has a different part number with shorter bristles. Don't know why it would be any different. I couldn't find one to try but it is on my list. A simple adjustable arbor like on a bosch concrete grinder would be nice. When you sand with the factory pads you have to remember the abrasive is a narrow ring. The tendency is to cover a screw with it at which point it does nothing without movement. Constant motion is key for using it. It is also aggregating that the head has a mind of it's own. On some areas it would be nice to apply a little "english" to flatten the mud faster. When you attempt to apply pressure to a spot you never can tell where it will remove material. As with any sheetrock you have to work with a halogen light glancing off the wall to read the irregularities. A smart engineer would've put a spotlight right on the head of this machine to solve this problem. All in all I would buy it again I think. It is too expensive compared to other tools and it is far from perfect, but it does cut the sanding time in half.


I have been doing drywall for 24 years and have owned several porter cable sanders this one doesnt have the same power as the previous and i am disappointed in its performance if i could return it I would


It took a job I dislike immensely and at least made it tolerable. Cut my job by half, and probably more than that. I hooked it up to my 14 gal shop vac (with bag rated for drywall dust) and wow did it work well. Just be careful. . . it's aggressive, so it doesn't take much pressure at all to do your sanding


This is the tool in my truck. It works like a charm. No dust and is fast. make sure to order extra sanding pads as they are hard to find


Had to re-sheetrock 7 rooms after hurricane Sandy took its toll. I figured I buy this, do the rooms and toss it on ebay. Cheaper than renting one? I'm never selling this. I'll let friends borrow it or help them tape and sand, but this tool stays in my workshop permanently. So nice to use, just a wee bit heavy, but then again it's like a short workout

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