Milwaukee 2.4-Volt Two Speed Cordless Screwdriver Kit With Two Batteries
Milwaukee 2.4-Volt Two Speed Cordless Screwdriver Kit With Two Batteries

Milwaukee 2.4-Volt Two Speed Cordless Screwdriver Kit With Two Batteries


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Milwaukee's cordless screwdriver is a handy tool with enough punch for most screwdriving applications, in a size small enough to fit easily in a tool belt without falling out or taking up a lot of space. The tilting handle offers a better grip in higher-torque situations, and allows for working in tight spaces. The driver has two speed ranges--200 and 400 rpm--for low- or high-torque work, as well as six clutch settings that deliver from 5 to 22 inch-pounds of screw-tightening torque. This kit also comes with a 1/4-inch keyed chuck attachment for light drilling applications. While the tool has plenty of power for drilling small pilot holes--and even some countersinking--it's first and foremost a screwdriver, and not a great replacement for even a small handyman's cordless drill. The full kit includes the screwdriver, two 2.4-volt batteries, a one-hour charger, a 1/4-inch keyed chuck attachment, a four-piece bit set, and an impact-resistant carrying case that holds the lot.



  • Contains a cordless 2.4-volt screwdriver that can be used at operating speeds of 200- and 400-rpms


    • You can also adjust the clutch to 6 different positions for optimum torque
    • Designed for maximum versatility, the screwdriver weighs just over 1/2-pound and measures to 9-3/8-Inches with the handle fully extended
    • The kit also includes two 2.4-volt battery packs, 120-volt AC 1-hour battery charger, 1/4-Inch chuck attachment, 4-piece driver/drill bit set, and an impact resistant case  


    I just recieved my second one. I loved the old one and some moron stole it. I was blown away when I opened the amazon box and saw the case the new set includes. The old set I loved. Drill, battery, charger and a couple bits I never used. The new set, With the case, 2 batteries, the chuck I needed I don't know how many times. The same bits i'll never use (can't be perfect I guess) I'm thrilled and Pretty soon i'll be heading off to work to spin wirenuts withought tired fingers


    I use this cordless screwdriver at work as a HVAC/refrigeration tech. It works okay. Not as strong as I expected and the battery does not last as long as I expected. I had a Craftsman cordless (made by Black & Decker) before. The battery on that one would last a week with frequent use, this one only lasts a day or two. Maybe there is a better battery available, haven't checked. The old one was more for home use so it did break after just a year or so with what I use it for, this one has a 5 year warranty which is good.


    I have to say, this is one of the best screwdrivers I've gotten yet. In fact, i bought it used, and the battery is still in great shape. It has lots of power, and it lasts forever in one battery charge. Great for doing round the house jobs, as it fits in almost any tool-belt or box. The best part is how it can be straight OR folded. This allows for easier access for hard to reach areas.


    I purchased this product from TOOL ZONE PLUS for Father's Day. This screwdriver kit arrived on time as promised and has worked very well as we've already used it for 2 projects. It is perfect for tight spaces and delivers the needed power when used as a screwdriver. The drill portion is not very powerful, but I bought it for my husband as a cordless screwdriver and that works great! Buying the kit gives you an extra battery and also a plastic case; definitely worth the extra money


    Much more torque or power than you would expect for a small driver. Adjustable clutch prevents stripping screws. Angle grip or straight with power trigger in a great location. I liked it so much I purchased two more for friends.


    I love the screwdriver, however, the charger is not up to Milwaukee standards. I have two of the chargers. Strangely enough, one of them has the name "Panasonic" on it. Both of these 120 volt chargers have the main diodes burned out and another charger cost fifty something dollars on amazon. I am now trying a 12 volt charger to see if it will last.


    This product was as described, its just great product as I expected.It makes my job easier and faster. Its light and can store quickly


    M husband had been misshaped for a few years now that he thought a light weight rechargeable screw driver would come in handy. He loves it, with this he doesn't haven't lug around the heavy one he has for the smaller jobs he has


    This is a replacement for a nearly identical 20 year old AEG screwdriver. However, this one is vastly improved with high and low speeds and an additional drill chuck. Like the AEG, it can be used straight or pivoted at 90 degrees. The battery pack is interchangeable with the AEG. Great for use as a cordless screwdriver or drill in tight areas. There are no high speeds like a larger traditional cordless drills, but when you are concerned about not stripping out screw heads, this unit is perfect. I hope they keep producing it.


    I ordered this because the charger which I needed cost's almost as much as the whole we have two can't beat that

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