Milwaukee 2.4-Volt Two Speed Cordless Screwdriver Kit With Two Batteries
Milwaukee 2.4-Volt Two Speed Cordless Screwdriver Kit With Two Batteries

Milwaukee 2.4-Volt Two Speed Cordless Screwdriver Kit With Two Batteries


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Milwaukee's cordless screwdriver is a handy tool with enough punch for most screwdriving applications, in a size small enough to fit easily in a tool belt without falling out or taking up a lot of space. The tilting handle offers a better grip in higher-torque situations, and allows for working in tight spaces. The driver has two speed ranges--200 and 400 rpm--for low- or high-torque work, as well as six clutch settings that deliver from 5 to 22 inch-pounds of screw-tightening torque. This kit also comes with a 1/4-inch keyed chuck attachment for light drilling applications. While the tool has plenty of power for drilling small pilot holes--and even some countersinking--it's first and foremost a screwdriver, and not a great replacement for even a small handyman's cordless drill. The full kit includes the screwdriver, two 2.4-volt batteries, a one-hour charger, a 1/4-inch keyed chuck attachment, a four-piece bit set, and an impact-resistant carrying case that holds the lot.



  • Contains a cordless 2.4-volt screwdriver that can be used at operating speeds of 200- and 400-rpms


    • You can also adjust the clutch to 6 different positions for optimum torque
    • Designed for maximum versatility, the screwdriver weighs just over 1/2-pound and measures to 9-3/8-Inches with the handle fully extended
    • The kit also includes two 2.4-volt battery packs, 120-volt AC 1-hour battery charger, 1/4-Inch chuck attachment, 4-piece driver/drill bit set, and an impact resistant case  


    Yup, it goes in my trunk, or in my truck. It is that important. And, the Milwaukee Offset head fits in the carry case with the extra battery and charger. So, if you are like me, and you must have the proper tool for the job. And the job must be done right. Well then, here is another Milwaukee that is a must have! When you get it, buzz your name right into the outside of the case with your Dremel. And you will be set for many, many satifying years to come. Good Luck, and God Bless


    This is a nice compact power driver for the average homeowner's needs. If you want a good driver for putting toys together, installing and removing light plates etc. it fits the bill. It doesn't have enough power or stanima for more arduous jobs. Battery life isn't as good as it could be and I still haven't been able to find replacement batteries. That's what I was doing on this site.


    I'm actually buying a replacement battery (after 4 years of use), but wanted to add a quick comment that this has been a favorite tool of mine. I put together computers, screw network eqpt. into equipment racks and occasionnaly use it to torque wood screws into pine 2x4's and occasional drilling into sheet metal as well as other light tasks. It travels well and has good battery life and surprising torque for a 2.4v device. I'm presuming no one buying this will be delusional enough to think they're goingto drive tapcons into concrete with this thing, but for "light duty" this is a gem. I used to buy craftsman and black&decker, but both are a mere shadow of their old selves, most notoriously, B&D is now simply a marketing firm for lowest bidder import junk tools. This tool is the real mccoy.


    I bought this driver about a month ago and it has performed better than I expected. I have used it to drill holes and drive screws in 60 year old plaster. I have been a skeptic about the capability of lower voltage cordless tools but this little gem has power to spare and is what you would expect from Milwaukee.


    I can't tell you how many B&D power screwdrivers I've purchased for roughly $30 just to have them fail after 1 1/2 years to 2 years of routine, home use. The last time, I had it for about a year and the thing called it quits. The first thing I realized was that I was going to have to spend around $100 for a decent contractor grade screwdriver. This seemed like a lot at first, but after realizing that I had already spent over $100 in cheaper screwdrivers that simply did not last, I accepted the amount.

    So, I want to get a new power screwdriver, but which one? Initial research reduced the number of brands to three which wasn't too bad: DeW..., Pana... and Milwaukee. I must tell you that although I like the look and specifications of DeW... tools, they tend to be a fifty-fifty hit with quality overall. They're great for certain tools like drills and circular saws, but I didn't find great reviews on the screwdriver. The one thing that made me stay away from the DeW... was the design of the bit chuck. Owners wrote that the chuck is pulled back to lock the bit in place, but complained of bits falling out when inserting the tool in a workbelt or when the screwdriver was accidentally dropped. Having a bit fall out when up in the attic with hands full really doesn't sound too cool to me.

    The Pana... had excellent reviews and people wrote of them lasting 10 to 15 years. Sounds great, but I'm not aware of many Pana... power tools so finding service or additional parts might be difficult. So I went for the Milwaukee.

    I purchased the Milwaukee 6547-22 Kit, 2.4 Volt, 2 Speed cordless screwdriver for $110 from Amazon. The kit comes with two batteries, a charger, a chuck, a few bits (including a few drill bits), and the screwdriver. It's works well for light drilling such as when mounting wall anchors and such, but it doesn't replace a drill. I didn't expect that since I bought it for driving screws (hence the name). It's also very light and easily fits in a workbelt.

    It's nice to be able to do all light work such as mounting raceway or putting together furniture with just one tool. So far, it has been excellent and it's the first tool I grab when having to do any work that involves screws. I also had to install a threshold in the patio and this is where it really shined. I adjusted the torque to its maximum and set the speed to low and was able to drive the screws two inches into the concrete (holes were predrilled of course). Not a problem and it stopped exactly where I wanted it too. This was after my 18 Volt drill ripped the head off the center screw, though. Oh well, you live and you learn.

    I definitely like the screwdriver, but it would be nice if it had just a little more power. For this reason, I'd give it four stars in an ideal world, but compared to the other power screwdrivers in the market I'll give it five. Being that it is for home use, I expect it to last quite some time.


    have two of these screwdrivers that we use for assembly - probably an average of 500 screws a week. The screwdrivers are great, but the batteries quit working after a few months. We have also replaced several chargers. When the chargers go, they overcharge, and ruin a battery. I also have a 14V Milwaukee drill, and the batteries don't last long on it either. Seems like a company that makes such a high quality tool would get it together on the batteries.


    I bought two of these screwdrivers when this model was produced by its original manufacturer, AEG Telefunken, in 1982. That company was known for good, reliable conservatively-designed equipment. "Fine German Engineering". But the company went under about 1990. It appears to me that Milwaukee obtained the design, because little is changed, except the color - from the original black to red. After 20 years, I had to replace the AEGs. I chose the Milwaukee, because I was quite satisfied with the the AEG tool. Unfortunately, while the driver and charger are the equivalent of the AEGs, the batteries are not. The AEG batteries lasted me 10-15 years. The Milwaukee batteries all lasted just past their warranty, a year. After replacing four batteries in a row, I have decided I can no longer afford this tool. These batteries were all purchased at various times and therefore must have been from different manufacturing batches, so a bad production run cannot explain my experience. I tested the charger and it is working correctly. The tool has no defect that can explain the poor battery life. In four years, I have paid more in replacement batteries than the tool originally cost. I no longer have a functioning battery, but rather than repair it, I am going to replace the tool with one of the new lithium-battery screwdrivers, either the Hitachi DB3L or the Bosch PS20-2


    My company uses dozens of these screwdrivers in production of electrical power system protection products. The screwdrivers are used collectively hundreds of times daily. The drivers theirselves are usually very reliable. The problem these have is centered around the batteries and chargers. We have had a fair amount of failures where the charger malfunctions and over charges the batteries causing failure of the batteries. Due to the heavy use of these units the chargers are in use continually as the batteries get discharged more often, sometimes as many as five times a day per driver. The problem here is the replacement cost of the charger is nearly as much as buying a complete kit.


    After many years of use in business and at home, this electric screwdriver is the best there is. I have tried others, but they are too big and clunky. This unit is small and well balanced. I have the old single speed(15 years old) and the new two speed driver (3 years). I like the two speed because it still has the power if needed and the bonus of more speed when driving long screws. I bought the right angle driver and the drill chuck but I have hardly ever used either. I plan to buy another to take along to the job site.


    I purchased one unit to review/test for our electrical panel shop. After one month it was decided to purchase a second unit but unforunately that one was stolen before we could pass it out to the next electrician. We are buying a third and fourth unit because we are convinced of the superb quality, ease of use, light weight and overall feel of the tool. Nice job, Milwaukee. Thank you, Amazon, for making buying so easy

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