Milwaukee 2.4-Volt Two Speed Cordless Screwdriver Kit With Two Batteries
Milwaukee 2.4-Volt Two Speed Cordless Screwdriver Kit With Two Batteries

Milwaukee 2.4-Volt Two Speed Cordless Screwdriver Kit With Two Batteries


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Milwaukee's cordless screwdriver is a handy tool with enough punch for most screwdriving applications, in a size small enough to fit easily in a tool belt without falling out or taking up a lot of space. The tilting handle offers a better grip in higher-torque situations, and allows for working in tight spaces. The driver has two speed ranges--200 and 400 rpm--for low- or high-torque work, as well as six clutch settings that deliver from 5 to 22 inch-pounds of screw-tightening torque. This kit also comes with a 1/4-inch keyed chuck attachment for light drilling applications. While the tool has plenty of power for drilling small pilot holes--and even some countersinking--it's first and foremost a screwdriver, and not a great replacement for even a small handyman's cordless drill. The full kit includes the screwdriver, two 2.4-volt batteries, a one-hour charger, a 1/4-inch keyed chuck attachment, a four-piece bit set, and an impact-resistant carrying case that holds the lot.



  • Contains a cordless 2.4-volt screwdriver that can be used at operating speeds of 200- and 400-rpms


    • You can also adjust the clutch to 6 different positions for optimum torque
    • Designed for maximum versatility, the screwdriver weighs just over 1/2-pound and measures to 9-3/8-Inches with the handle fully extended
    • The kit also includes two 2.4-volt battery packs, 120-volt AC 1-hour battery charger, 1/4-Inch chuck attachment, 4-piece driver/drill bit set, and an impact resistant case  


    This is my second set of this drill. My first set lasted a good 4-5 yrs of everyday use before a I needed to buy a new battery. And that batt lasted me a good 5-6 yrs of occasional use before I had to but another one. But this time I wanted to try a non-OEM batt which I got at a really good price (2 for the price of 1). Now, while using the non-OEM batt for the last 7-8 months my charger finally died. I was planning to purchase just the charger, but my other half said she was willing to purchase the whole set for me.

    I love this screwdriver. I can't used the one my work provides for us. It's too BIG and HEAVY for constant use. The Milwaukee Cordless Screwdriver is very light and portable and I would recommend it to anyone.


    I have used this Milwaukee Cordless ScrewDriver for 9 years and purchased replacement batteries. Also 4 addition Kits were purchased for new techs in our repair department. For all small jobs and some larger ones, this unit will provide all the service you need. Amazon Price is 1/2 the selling price of many other vendors and shipping was free


    Just finished disassembling and rebuilding 40 saltwater fishing reels. The tool had the torque to remove corroded screws and the torgue adustment prevented me from over tightening the screws when re-assembling. Battery life has been more than adequate. Far better than any of the cheaper varieties of this tool that I've used in the past


    My company bought one of these many years ago. The first battery and charger lasted for years with no complaints. Eventually i had to get a couple new batteries and they didn't last for more than a couple months. Then the charger stopped charging and only lasted a couple months. I think when they first started making them the batteries and the charger worked good but the quality went south. the company bought me several batteries and 4 chargers.
    The screwdriver itself is bullet proof. I now have 4 batteries, 2 non-functioning chargers and two screwdrivers.
    I am at odds whether to buy another charger. I've read they have a new charger that goes to trickle when fully charged. It makes me think that the chargers were over charging the batteries and they (the chargers were burning up because one i have is bulging. With the two screw drivers and 4 batteries i have i'm still debating whether I'm going to buy one of the new chargers because i enjoyed the tool so much when i first got it.


    I have been using this type cordless screwdriver for 2 months ( it use to be made by AEG ) a must for electronic repair work


    I was looking for 2 batteries and a charger for an existing Milwaukee cordless screwdriver we are using. I found the complete set on Amazon for less than I would have paid for the 2 batteries and charger from other suppliers. It also arrived just 2 days after I ordered


    I owned one of these about twenty years ago and lost it along my journeys... I had replace it with cheaper quality and lower priced alternatives, as the distributor I dealt with had gone out of buisness and I just couldn't find it anywhere. This was a tool that I really was disappointed to have to live without. I used to attach thousands upon thousands of wires to terminal strips, electrical components,etc. This tool held up to the rigors of the Electrical trade and I had put it through it's paces almost everyday with never a problem. I paid almost twice the price back in the day for this little gem and when I saw it here on Amazon, and the price, it was a no brainer! I pulled the trigger immediatley!!! This tool is a keeper!!!


    If you are looking for a impact driver to for 3/4 bolts then this is not for you. If you need a reliable cordless screwdriver with enough strength to get the job done with out snapping the heads off your screws and bolts then this is what you want....

    I use it a lot for assembly / disassembly and it is perfect for the job, and with a chuck adapter light drilling.

    The only problem I have had was the need to replace battery pack once or twice ( amazon carries them Milwaukee 48-11-0100 ), but that is acceptable in the course of over a decade of use.

    note: a drill chuck and a 1/4" socket adapter is a must have addition.


    I loved the ability to control torque, the two speed setting for the drive, and the bendable feature. It is also very light weight so you have more control over the device cause you are not fighting its weight. The build quality is good, and I get the sense that it will last a long time.

    The product comes with some starter bits, a case, a charger, and best of all...two batteries. Gotta love the extra batteries.

    I recommend the product, and give it a full 5 stars.


    First, let me state that I don't work for Milwaukee or any of their competitors. I'm just a consumer like you are. I couldn't decide if I wanted this Milwaukee cordless screwdriver or the Panasonic. When you compare what you get for your money and what you want to use your cordless screwdriver for, well, it's a no brainer. Unless you need a cordless screwdriver to drive hundreds of 4 inch screws into 2x6's, stay away from the Panasonic. You only get one battery and a charger with the Panasonic. With this red beauty you get not 1, but two 2.4volt batteries, a one hour charger, a package of bits for drilling and driving, a keyed chuck which is something I'm always needing (especially when I need to drive small pilot holes) and a beautiful red carry case embossed with the name Milwaukee on it. It's a very impressive package and it works. It also bends into a pistol type driver so you can get into those hard to reach areas. It is also very powerful at 26in./lbs of torque. This is the little red engine that works and works and works and.....Buy it. You won't be sorry and it will quickly become your favorite tool...

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