Makita 18-Volt 3.0 AH Battery, 2-Pack

Makita 18-Volt 3.0 AH Battery, 2-Pack


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The Makita LXT 18-Volt 3-Ah Lithium-Ion Battery boasts more power, less weight, and a better fit. The optimum charging system produces 280 percent the total lifetime of standard batteries, with twice the number of cycles. With a five times lower self-discharge, this lithium-ion battery is ready for use, even after long periods of storage. Built-in features include shock-absorbing to protect the battery and a memory chip that communicates with the charger to maximize battery life using three active controls: current, voltage and thermal. Sixteen firm holding contact terminals reduce the risk of power loss/fluctuation in high-vibration work environments. This battery comes with a 1-year limited warranty. 


  • Charging at any time will have no effect on the battery
    • More power, less weight, and a better fit
    • Sixteen firm holding contact terminals reduce the risk of power loss/fluctuation
    • Built-in shock-absorber and memory chip  


makita makes great batteries quick to charge and have not noticed drop off in life as the batteries get older sure they break but for the amount of abuse i put them through im shocked that they last as long as they do. the last set i bought served me two hard use years. i run my makita tools almost everyday and never regret my purchase


My husband had recently bought some Makita tools and was having a hard time trying to find extra batteries and was suprised to find it through clovis tools and at such a great price. Makita tools are his livelihood and finding this twin pack was a bonus!


Very pleased with the service and the product. The Batteries came fully charged. They were very prompt on the order and delivery, very pleased


I use these batteries daily. I have almost every makita tool that accepts this battery. One day about a month after buying these I hooked one up to my makita cordless circular saw and it started barreling out smoke. Thought it was the saw but ended up being the battery. The smell was terrible. So one out of the 2 is still going strong and its been about 2 months. I love makita so I'm back to buy another pair :-) clovis-tools is ALOT cheaper than the local home depot at $99 each.


Had this posted for the single pack version (Makita BL1830 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Battery) but thought it would be helpful here too:

Previously I had gotten the LXT406 combo set and it came with only 2 of the 1830's and since I always seem to have one of them in the drill/driver and found myself constantly moving the other one between the skil and the sawzall. So I decided to get one more and I'm glad I did. My friend has the 1815 compacts but they have nowhere near twice the capacity as these guys. If you are thinking of saving some dough and getting the compacts, I would recommend that you don't. For one thing these batteries won't get as hot under load as the compacts. Second, they last more then twice the time.

Btw, if you use these with high drain tools like I do with the 6.5" circular (I guess I should stop calling them skil's) they do get hot when ripping 4x8 plywood sheets. Be careful and let them rest before popping them in the charger. Heat is what really kills these batteries (Li-ions). Ask anyone with a laptop who "accidentally" left their pcs on a couch or bed and they'll tell you their batteries don't quite perform as when they were new.

The battery itself came in retail packaging and looked brand new (sold by Amazon). I've had my 2 original batteries for 2 months now and have no complaints. I've put dates on all my batteries and we'll see how long they last. My old Ni-Cd DeWalt batteries lasted 6 years of moderate to light use. If these last at least 4 years, twenty bucks a year isn't too bad...


I purchased these to go with the Makita cordless stapler and so far so good. That being said, I am somewhat cross that I cannot purchase longer staples that this stapler is capable of using, essentially making the Makita cordless stapler a "one trick pony". If I had a suitable alternative I would return the stapler, the batteries and the charger


Just converted over from the 18 volt pods. I've read the reviews about these batteries. This set and a 15 piece tool set I just bought seem to be working ok. If I have any problems, I post them


These three hour batteries are amazing, I have nine different Makita cordless devices and these three hour batteries do a great job holding up for long periods between charges


I had a couple of 1.5 amp Makita batteries that came with my drill several years ago, but were wearing down a bit do to almost daily use in my cordless Makita blower. I got these 3 amp batteries to replace the old ones. Yesterday I lent my drill to some volunteers building a foot bridge at a local park. They worn out the batteries on two other drills in about an hour. I am happy to say that the two Makita batteries lasted for the remainder of the day (5-6 hours) and they were able to get the project done. All the volunteers were very impressed. I was not too surprised because I know Makita makes quality tools. Not always the cheapest, but some of the best.


I know they are pricey but they are well worth the price. I must have 10 of them on a bunch of Makita 18V tools.

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