Magna Sand and Kleen MT 800 J Hand Sander System

Magna Sand and Kleen MT 800 J Hand Sander System


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The Sand&Kleen MT 800 J Hand Sander system is perfect for the beginner DIYer and sanding those patched areas before painting small jobs. It eliminates the need for masks, goggles and respirators, by eliminating the airbone dust. A lower priced, smaller system that works well for the DIYer. Includes molded hand sander with 36 port suction pad, 10 foot lightweight yet durable hose, 2-gallon filter bucket, 1 1/4" vacuum adapter,abrasive screen and complete instructions. For use with a Wet-Dry vac and is backed by a Lifetime warranty.  

  • Versatile hand sanding head
  • Regular tap water collects dust particles
  • 2-gallon filter bucket included
  • 10-foot suction hose and 36 port suction pad
  • Lifetime Warranty  


this little gadget is the best thing for dry wall in your house all most no mess. Just hook it up to your sweeper.


This item works as I expected, actually it impressed me. My first project was not one this unit was specifically designed for but I figured it would work. Let me start by saying I HATE WORKING ON DRYWALL!

I needed to sand down a bad "knockdown" pattern a contractor did on a 12'x8' wall in my house. I was able to hook this unit up to my orbital palm sander (with some duct tape) and get it sanded down to a point I can finish it myself. It did not get all of the dust so you still should wear a mask as well as glasses (and ear plugs if the shop vac is in the same room) but the clean up was minimal.

For reference I used 5-hole sandpaper (I punched extra holes so it matched up to my 8-hole palm sander) and a 2 gallon craftsman shop vac. The shop vac uses the little filter bag for dry applications. In the past I have hooked this shop vac up to a sander and tried this same type of thing only to have the filter clog in about 30 seconds. I was able to sand the whole wall in about 20 minutes and not have any clogging.

Like anything involving drywall I would recommend using drop cloths and sealing off the room. If possible put a fan in a window so it is blowing outside. In my opinion that helps to reduce clean up time dramatically and helps to keep the fine dust out of the rest of the house.

I would definately recommend this to anyone who is going to be doing a lot of drywall sanding. I have already loaned it out to a friend who also loves it. Once he gives it back I will be able to finish fixing the rest of the walls in the house. I still hate working on drywall but this makes it a little easier.


This product is one of the best things on the market in keeping the dust to a minimum when sanding wallboard compound. Thanks.


It was what I expected, I have the large one already. It was shipped fast, I would recommend to any with small sanding jobs, it keeps dust a a minimum


zero dust. i wore a mask just too be safe. was a little loud only at first, once it got going it wasn't bad at all. have been recommending it to other people that are doing drywall projects


borrowed one from a friend years ago. Still works like a champ. Only issue is the sound from the dust vac


Works very well, need a reducer for the shop vac, but that wasn't a real issue. I won't sand drywall without it. Generates very little dust. Great purxhase


This is a simple setup that reduces sanding dust to a bare minimum, I have used mine for years now. Does it produce a high pitch sound, yes it does, and that is why there is a hole on the end of the hose to reduce suction and help reduce that sound...better yet get some ear plugs for two dollars. How people can complain, perhaps they should not be doing this type of work or they like all the dust. Many don't like this product because they resist change and like the mess obviously. If you want no dust get this and some ear plugs if it suits you. 4.5 stars for the noise factor.


It is very inexpensive, it does what it claims it will do. I didnt notice it after awhile, and it really keeps the dust down . I dont think you will be disapointed ,put on some loud music and drown it out. Garym


I needed to do some work in a finished house. I sanded by hand with a shop vac in the other to keep the dust down. Then I dusted and vacuummed to clean up my mess. There was no good way to fix a section of dry wall without spending an a lot of time cleaning.

This little sucker was easy to adjust to get the optimum vacuum with little noise. The loud complaint of other reviewers is grossly overstated. If you can not get this to work for you, you shouldn't be working on you own drywall, you should hire it out because you are helpless.

For small to medium size jobs, this little setup is priceless.

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