LACO TG600 Texture Gun
LACO TG600 Texture Gun

LACO TG600 Drywall Texture Gun



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10 days
160 points

Easy to apply

• The new TG600 comes with 3 spray tips and disassembles for fast

Fully adjustable spray tips to match original Orange Peel, Knockdown and Acoustic textures.

Completely disassembles for easy cleaning
(Save an hour a day on clean-up compared to other air texture guns)

Big savings compared to spray cans

Replace parts instead of entire gun when a part is damaged

Engraved serial numbers as a theft deterrant

CNC machined solid brass and 6061 T6 billet aluminum parts

Polycarbonate front body (same material used in bullet proof windows)

• Delrin end cap for smooth and long wear

64 ounce. jar

• Stainless Steel Plunger Rod

• No Soldered or Cast Parts

• Made in the USA

• Patent Pending

Parts Diagram



I found that this product was considerably better than other textures guns I have owned. A better design with higher quality parts.


Another contractor recommended this gun to me as the only tool to buy - works great and so much easier than pulling out the hopper.


It does take much practice to get the right texture. Not bad for very small touch up jobs.


I have run my own remodeling company for about 6 years now. I loathed to do the small patch work as hauling out the compressor and texture gun was more time than could usually be compensated for and the can texture hardly ever meet my finishing standards. I was looking into an electric gun when a supply shop told me about the LACO TG500 texture gun. I was skeptical at first so I checked out their web site and decide to purchase after reading all the positive reviews. This product exceeded my expectations. Easy to take along on small to even large size patch jobs, it gives awesome matching results and the clean up is quick and easy with just a few basic components. Great design and great results. I will never be without this tool again again.


Tried many texture products this one truly works.A little practice i can duplicate orange peel or knock down textures. It will pay its self off quickly.Very satisfied mike m Colorado Mesa University


The texture gun worked better than advertised. Parts are easy to clean and high quality machined. It is far easier than rigging up the big compressor and hose and sprayer. I wish I would have found this product about 10 projects ago.

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