Klenk Aviation Snips(Yellow)

Klenk Aviation Snips(Yellow)


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Three different grip styles with slightly longer handles accommodate those with
large and small hands and glove-wearers, making snips more comfortable to
grasp, hold, and use.
Hardened alloy steel blades resist wear and breakage.
Double-cam-action construction provides 20% greater cutting power.
Serrated blades draw work into cutting edge without slipping for accurate,
clean cuts.
Maximum jaw opening provides longer cuts.
Minimal handle opening provides fast, easy cuts.
Hardened pivot bolt provides durability.
Self-locking nuts allow easy adjustment.
Spring-action handles allow longer leverage.
Ergonomic, easy-to-clean PVC grips (or polypropylene spur) resist wear and
Klenk 10-1/2" aviation snips meet ASME standard B107.16M, ensuring dependable
cutting performance, operation, and durability, with a cutting capacity of 18
ga. CR - 22 ga. SS.
Slightly larger blades allow longer cuts, relative to the 9-1/2" snips, for
those larger jobs.
Made in the USA -- and assembled and individually tested by skilled assembly
staff to ensure top quality.
Klenk has 70 years of experience in manufacturing aviation snips, helping to
bring our customers the best quality snips, provding excellent service and long

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