Hyde Dust-Free Drywall Vacuum Sander

Hyde Dust-Free Drywall Vacuum Sander


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Sanding indoors? A Hyde Vacuum Sander will keep your home dust-free, protecting your furniture, floors, electronics - and your lungs - from invasive drywall dust. Just attache it to any wet/dry vacuum, add a sandscreen (included) in place of sandpaper and you're ready to start. The Hyde Vacuum Sander is very effective at keeping your home clean during drywall and other sanding projects. High-quality tool made in Canada. HEPA filter recommended but not included.  

  • Pole-style sander, no pole included
  • Fits all shop-type vacuum cleaners
  • Features Easyclamp system for faster, easier abrasive loading
  • Universal thread for use with any extension pole  


It works, but is bulky and takes some time to get used to.


works ok


As much as drywall is no fun, this thing is incredible. Sanded, sanded and sanded and little to no mess at all. Yes it is a challenge to do ceilings, but those are tough anyway. If you get yourself as high as you can, you can get the proper leverage to do the ceilings. I had removed 400 sq ft of painted popcorn ceiling (that is worse than drywall), re-mudded some lines and then sanded. I didn't really even need to put plastic up in the doorways. Just surprised at how well this thing really did. I have it connected to a 20 year old shop vac from Sears and it worked incredibly well.

Well worth the $40 I paid. Holds screen very well also. Like that it swivels under a rubber boot also.


Very good value at this price. Dust collection feature works well, reducing the amount of dust significantly. The hose adaptors are a good bonus as I was able to multipurpose them to other tools.


It really was dust free. I didn't have any marks in the joint compound. Moved in a circular motion and was relieved to have it done so quickly without having to clean up fine white dust everywhere.


Works so so doing it by hand is a much better job


I found this unit to be a huge pain and not very stable at all. it would skip too much on the surface and seemed to put too much pressure on the walls creating grooves in the compound. hose it too short causing you to have to move the vac/cyclone a lot.


For use on wall joints this actually did a good job of sanding and keeping the dust down. But for the life of me whenever I used it on a ceiling I couldn't keep it flat, it kept digging in and flopping over and leaving gouges in the dried mud. Maybe my technique sucks, but I was forced to sand my ceilings by hand and deal with the dust.


A must buy id you have wide spackle joints or lots of sanding.

Lessons i will pass to you. Spackle dust travels to the lowest floor. Spackle will travel mugs rom one room to another. Spackle will also seem to disappear in carpet...you might think vacuuming will take it up..it wont unkessbyou shop vac without attachments and even then it will remain.

Cover up floors, get a good shop vac, invest in a zip wall.


This is a great idea but doesn't function well. It does keep the dust down well but doesn't sand well at all. Takes a long time to sand and leaves streaks on the surface

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