Homax 6500 Drywall Taping Tool Banjo
Homax 6500 Drywall Taping Tool Banjo

Homax 6500 Drywall Taping Tool Banjo


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Applies bedding mud and drywall tape in one step. A time saver that also helps prevent future blistering by maintaining consistent mud thickness. Features adjustable mud control knob and tape tracking wheels. Holds up to 500 feet of tape 

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Cuts taping time in half
  • Applies 60 feet of tape and mud in 60 seconds
  • Adjustable mud control knob  


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I am impressed on the professional results. The tool is easy to setup and work with. It is lightweight and fast. It will save time and money for a DIY or Professional. I highly recommend it


Many banjo's are on the market this one is great because you can adjust the flow of the mud and the wheels make it a lot easier to. I purchased a inside corner from a company called Delko I believe... not sure now I just use that one for all wall and ceiling applications.

The product is a little small but it can get heavy after a wile so I love it

Recommend to the person that wants to do this type of work a lot. Mesh tape might be sufficient for the beginner. How ever the inside corner tool which you have to get from another company makes the fasted paper tape corners ever not even a bazooka can do what this banjo can do.

If you live in the 48 states you can get this product for a very fair price. I live in Hawaii and it is still very worth having in my arsenal of tools


I was very skeptical about purchasing this tool (Thought it was a sham and wouldn't work as advertised) and I was shocked at the results!!! This taping tool cut down my taping time by a lot more than half... I was able to do all seams in a 26x12 basement including ceiling in about 5 hours. I waited until the next day to do the corners and was able to completely seal all the corners in about 2 hours. This job would have taken me at least two full days doing it the manual way applying joint compound, then tape, then pressing out the compound. I tried doing a couple corners with the metal insert corner bead which took forever! This tool made the corners look sharp and it was so easy! Lay out the tape touching both sides of the corner, then press in with taping knife and press out excess. It made the tape sufficiently wet with joint compound that I didn't have to worry about there being any dry edged that would lift, creating an uneven surface. I would definitely recommend this product for everyone from the amateur to the pro. One thing you have to remember though, just make sure you hold/support the beginning of the tape run and along the way as the tool tends to want to pull the laid tape, Once I figured that out, it was smooth sailing. Just get it!


Makes taping fast. It's easy to clean. Perfect for someone who doesn't like this part of drywalling. This is a cheaper model so you have to use your mud knife or razorknife to cut your tape


Easy to use and a very good product, especially for the price. You don't need to be a professional to use it


I purchased this to finish my basement, WOW what a timesaver, it only took two or thee lines to get good with the tool , my advice is to keep the mud on the thick side as it will run out if to thin. i even used it for inside corners. works best and fastes with two people but can be done with one. i remodle houses and used to do it all by hand but what a timesaver , if i bought one for each house i did it would be worth the 45-50 $ easily cleadned up as everything comes apart easily. now it is not as good as the 1500$ bazooka i once tryeed but great for what it is. only complaint is there should be a cutter on the end to automaicly cut the tape at end of pull but your putty kife works just fine. i actualy took the strap off of mine and just used the top handle. i would recomend. i was looking at the couple 100-200$ was so happy when i tried this one . 5 stars


This is a joke. A total waste of money. If you were spreading take on the floor it would probably work ok but on walls and ceilings you can forget it. This Homax is a Hoax


I have been hanging and taping drywall for 30 yrs and have always pre mudded then taped. I purchased this tool after reading the reviews and watching the video figuring that it may be worth a look and perhaps change the way I tape. We'll it has changed the way I tape. I have ran 2000 feet of tape through the unit on a large job and never got a single air pocket and it cut my tape time in more than half. So what are some things I have learned, you need to thin the mud to a consistency of thick pancake batter or it will be difficult to pull the tape. If the mud is to thin it just makes a mess. This only took a few try's to get it right. Try to keep the rollers against the wall, even in the corners, it really helps pull easier. Keep tension on the tape when you cut it or it will tear inside the unit which will require that you take of the cover off and re thread the tape, no buggy, just messy. If you find it difficult to maneuver and pull the tape, just don't load the hopper full.
This unit is awesome on butt joints as well as corners and angles. I feel no need to get the coner attachment as it does a great job as is. The only question is how long it will last being plastic. Everything feels well made and the only spot that may be an issue is the throat adjusting knob,however I found that once set I never moved it. Time will tell the durability. So far I am very pleased with this purchase. It came in a timely manor and in perfect condition from clovis tools


I purchased this Drywall Taping Tool here to help me with a large drywall job I had to complete for a customer. After using this unit for the first time I realized that I made the right purchase. The Drywall Taping tool was so easy to use I was able to have my complete job taped in not time (both wall and ceilings).

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