Heavy Duty 11' 15' 11 15 FT Feet Drywall Lift Plasterboard Sheetrock Panel Lifter

Pro Grade Drywall Panel Lift - Hoist 11'-Ceiling 15'Wall - One-Person Panel Application



List price: $499.00  


You save: $240.00 (48%)
10 days
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»One person Setup and Operation
»Prevent strain and injury by letting the lift do all the hard work!
»Get sheets in place and mounted in a fraction of the time
»All welded steel construction
»Fast, single stage winch with brake
»Tool free assembly and teardown


»Max reach for horizontal ceilings: 12-feet
»Max single sheet capacity: up to 4 X 16-feet
»Max load rating: 150-lbs.
»Easy Rolling 5-Inch Casters
»Tilts 65 degree laterally for easy loading and for installation on sloped ceilings
»Max Reach for walls: 15-feet; (11-foot maximum lift and half the length of drywall)

What's In The Box?

»RedLine RLP9000 - 12 Foot Drywall Panel Lift
»Operating Manual


»RedLine Lifetime Warranty
»30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


This product was a godsend when i installed ceilings in a house i was remmodeling. one person can do it, though two is better


just finished my 22x24 house garage with 5/8 4x12 sheet rock, the RPL9000 worked fairly well but does have flaws,the cable on the drum rides up the spool then drops an inch or so with that much weight you have to be ready for it, the rubber caps on the lift need glued fast,all in all i would buy it again, for the price its hard to beat.


i wasnt looking for quality when looking for a lift. I was just looking for a decent one for a decent price. I was not going to drywall a whole house resting sheets of drywall on my head again. I came upon this product and figured it would do the job. It performed well for the quality. Little unstable fully extended. Cable jumps alot but i was impressed for how much i paid. It paid itself off already. better than buying an exspensive one and have it sit around for another job.


I used this lift to hang 12' sheets of drywall on the ceiling of a small rental house. I sheeted the entire house working alone with this lift. It worked very well for the entire job. I found it to be a little wobbly when extended 8' up but that ended up being helpful to get the sheets located properly. It was delivered in a box that fell apart in shipment but everything was there and in good shape. Over-all it's obviously inexpensively made, but is more than good enough for someone who occasionally hangs drywall. You still have to pick the sheets up about three feet to get them on the lift, other than that the tool does all of the work. It breaks down quickly into small enough pieces to store in a small closet. I would recommend this product. Great tool for the price.


Just received the drywall lift and it's in perfect condition, both with the way it looks and the way it works.


Before buying the Troy Drywall Lift I read reviews of several lifts. The Troy reviews were positive and consequently so was my experience. I received the lift within a week of ordering it. It was easy to assemble. It worked very well and after my project was over it broke down easily for space saving storage.


i would reccomend this lift to any one to lift dry wall up with out breaking your back with ease.


Surprised by the excellent quality of this drywall lift. Very easy to put together. Very easy to use. I installed 5/8" X 48" X 12' drywall by myself using this lift.


Really nice lift for the money. I do small remodel projects and this lift works great. I have used it on several ceiling jobs and have used it to hang upper wall sheets. I used it on 12 foot panels. The best thing about this lift is that it shows up on time and it never complains about holding the panels too long


Definitely beats hiring an extra person to help you do the job. Doesn't talk back and goes aas long as you do.

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