Groove Jet Hot Knife Foam Cutter
Groove Jet Hot Knife Foam Cutter

Demand Groove Jet Hot Knife Foam Cutter (Tool Only)



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110 Volts (USA) 220 Volts  (Non USA)
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The hot knife blade is up front where it belongs. Cuts Foam all the way to inside corners. 

  • Hot Knife Weighs Only 4 Lbs
  • Handles up to 5" x 3" NWFW Hot Knife Foam Cutting Blades
  • Hot Knife Blades Heat Up Quickly
  • Cuts Foam Clean with One Pass
  • Also Available in 220 Volts
  • New Version for 2019
  • Tool Only


Note: Heated Wire expands when hot. If the spring is too tight the wire may break restricting operation of mechanism. If too loose, the
cut will be sloppy. Readjustment of tension may be necessary from time to time.

Safety Tips

Power Controller – Use nothing longer than a 50 foot 12/3 grounded extension cord. Set the temperature dial on the controller to zero (0). Turn on the hot knife power controller and adjust the dial until the wire glows orange. Immediately back off the hot knife controller until the heated wire just begins to turn from orange to gray. This is the optimum foam cutting temperature of the wire. Anything hotter will cause premature wire failure or anything cooler will require too much feed pressure on the wire causing premature failure. If the wire is too hot, the cut may not be as accurate as you would like. A wire that is too hot will melt the foam too quickly at the beginning of the cut and less quickly as the wire cools off resulting in an inaccurate cut.

• Use only the recommended wire. NWFW & NWRW11

• Do not use this equipment in wet or damp conditions.
• Use only grounded receptacles.


Cuts dense foam with ease


Very well American made foam cutter 5 Stars


5 Stars


Absolutely worth the price. Cuts dense foam like butter!


We were very pleased with this tool, it was very easy to cut the foam


These knives have been great for years. A very good product!


I couldn't be more happy with this tool. Unfortunately I bought two other foam cutters (from other companies) before buying this one. It's solid, the blade is excellent, the heating supply is in the handle, making it easy to use. I really can't say enough good about this tool. I even went to their website and bought a couple other blade/attachments for making different types of cuts.

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