Paperless Drywall Joint Tape

FibaFuse Paperless Drywall Joint Tape


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FibaFuse® is an innovative paperless drywall joint tape designed for professional renovators and remodelers. FibaFuse is a mold-resistant glass mat drywall tape that is ideal for use with mold-resistant and paperless drywall systems for high-humidity and moisture-prone applications.

FibaFuse is easy to cut and retains its folds, making it easy to install by hand on joints in corners. You can also use super tapers, banjos and automatic tapers to apply FibaFuse and compound to seams.
(Not available in Europe)

Features and benefits include:

  • Open fiber design – Fuses with compound to create stronger joints compared to paper tape
  • Mold-resistant – Increased mold protection for a safer environment
  • Pre-creased – For easy installation in corners
  • Smooth finish – Eliminates blisters and bubbles common with paper tape
  • ASTM D3273 (mold test) approved

FibaFuse Drywall Tape is also known globally as fleece tape or glass mat tape.


  • Mold resistance
  • High-moisture environments
  • Paperless drywall systems
  • Joint taping
  • Joint finishing
  • Drywall joints
  • Drywall finishing


    Spec Sheet-3 Page


     62% lighter than paper joint tape of equal length

  • Mold Resistant - Increased mold protection for a safer environment
  • Pre-creased - For easy installation in corners
  • Smooth Finish - Eliminates blisters and bubbles common with paper tape
  • Brochure-English

  • Overall Performance - A superior option to paper tape for demanding applications
  • Prevents cracking when there is wood movement -Pays for itself with less callbacks



Usually tape implies adhesive on the underside of it. Also don't handle this with bare hands. So in summary you have to hold it in place with your hands and when you do you get fiberglass splinters in your hands. YAY!


I'm a contractor who does a lot of drywall repairs. I've tried all of the different drywall tapes on the market. Nothing comes close to FibaFuse. Here's why I like it so much better:

Paper tape makes for a nice, strong joint, but you have to be careful to get just the right amount of drywall compound underneath and apply just the right amount of pressure to ensure a good bond and no bubbling down the road.

Stick-on mesh tape is great because it's so easy to use -- no base coat needed -- but it's thick and requires several layers of compound widely feathered out to hide the joint. Also, it's not the easiest to cut with a drywall knife; it often leaves a thread hanging. And if the tape's not fresh, it doesn't stick great on ceiling patches.

FibaFuse tape is thin fiberglass - thinner than paper tape and a LOT thinner than mesh tape. It doesn't have an adhesive backing so you have to put down a layer of drywall compound first, but here's where it excels: because it's so thin and porous, when you run your drywall knife over it to set it, the compound oozes through it so it's truly set IN the compound, which makes for a very strong joint -- especially so because it's fiberglass. And because it's so thin, it's much easier to get a nice, smooth joint with a lot less sanding than mesh or paper tape. Also, it cuts as easily as paper with a drywall knife.

I go to a builder's conference every year and sit in on the drywall sessions taught by one of the foremost authorities on drywall. He swears by FibaFuse as his go-to tape.

Some people complain that they don't like handling fiberglass. It's never bothered me, but just wear gloves if it does.

What's the downside? It's not the best for inside corners. Because it's so thin, you have to be careful not to slice through it with the edge of your knife. If you're inexperienced, you might want to use one of the products specially designed for corners and use the FibaFuse for all the other joints.


Being a DIY homeowner, I hate to pay someone to do something I believe I can do. With this tape, it had made sheet rock repair much easier because you don't have to lay as much mud to set the tape. It is much easier to cover with subsequent passes. I did find that corner present a new challenge because you can cut through it if you don't use a corner tool. I will buy more as need. I do like the product.


awesome for tapered seams and butt joints, not so great for corners unless you use a corner tool to set it


The best drywall tape I have ever used. The mud bonds with the fiberglass to make a strong joint. Not to mention it's difficult to get bubbles with this tape unlike traditional paper tape.


Great tape. Much easier than paper for a newbie like me and is easy to hide on both tapered and butt joints.


As advertised but tears easily


This tape makes it easy to tape drywall for barely noticeable seams.


I like the water resistance of this tape, especially for a shower location. Be aware the fiberglass can get into your skin if you don't wear gloves.


Excellent product. Lays tight to the wall and is easy to re-coat. Only drawback are the fiberglass splinters. I wear Cut-less gloves when applying this product. They enable you to avoid splinters and keep your hands clean while working.

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