Dustless Technologies Turbo Drywall Sander

Dustless Technologies Turbo Drywall Sander


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No other dustless drywall sander can do all this! Unlike other large, round head sanders, the Dustless Turbo Drywall Sander has a smaller rectangular head that gets you into corners and tight spots. The Turbo Drywall Sander is powered by the vacuum air pulled through an air turbine inside the orbital sanding head. This simple, brilliant design eliminates the need for an electric motor mounted on the pole and greatly reduces the system's weight. It is much lighter than the most popular competitive drywall sander by almost half (5 lbs vs. 8 lbs). That extra three pounds makes a huge difference when you're reaching above your head to sand tall walls and ceilings. The pole extends to a length of six feet so you can reach high walls and ceilings without getting onto a ladder or using scaffolding. And the Turbo Drywall Sander uses standard sized hook-and-loop sandpaper that costs roughly one fourth the price of the proprietary paper you're forced to use with other drywall sanders.


  • Captures dust at the point-of-origin so there's less mess to clean up later
  • Orbital sanding head Is powered by vacuum air
  • Rectangular shaped sanding head lets you get all the way into corners
  • Pole extends 6 feet so there's less need for working on a ladder or scaffold
  • Designed to capture the extra fine dust created by drywall sanding
  • Much lighter than the leading competitive drywall sanders
  • What's in the Box:1 Hand sander, 1 6' Pole, 1 Oil, 3 Sheets of paper, 1 Extra hose adapter
  • Works with the following dustless technologies accessories:#54101 120 Grit- 5 Pack Sandpaper, #54102 120 Grit- 25 Pack Sandpaper, #54201 180 Grit- 5 Pack Sandpaper, #54202 180 Grit- 25 Pack Sandpaper, #54301 220 Grit - 5 Pack Sandpaper, #54302 220 Grit - 25 Pack Sandpaper,#54501 100 Grit - 5 Pack Sandpaper, #54502 100 Grit - 25 Pack Sandpaper,#54701 150 Grit - 5 Pack Sandpaper, #54702 150 Grit - 25 Pack Sandpaper,#54602 Multi-Pack Sand Paper - 25 Package
  • Manual


I'm a remodeling contractor, who bought this to sand drywall repairs in finished homes. I've ended up being pleased with the Dustless sander.

It took just a while for me to get used to it. It seemed slow at first, but after working with it I realized it was giving me a good smooth finish in a reasonable amount of time with virtually no dust. On my first job with it, I sanded the seams on a 12 ft cathedral ceiling in a finished room. The sander made a difficult job manageable. When done, I wiped down a counter top which had been uncovered. No dust apparent on the surface.

This isn't the Porter Cable sander that just zips along. But it isn't the PC price, either, and important for me, it stores easily in my truck. And, it doesn't undercut corners like the PC tends to do. This sander works for me on small jobs of a room or so, especially where dustless sanding is important. A down side is you need to order their custom velcro backed sandpaper. However,in a pinch, I bought stick on velcro, fastened it to the back of standard paper, and sanded away.


This sander was recommended by a friend & I am more than pleased with my purchase. To have been sent from a great distance, it arrived in exactly a week from the day it was ordered, well packaged & in mint condition. Well done to all concerned & I would have no doubts to order anything further


This product worked just as advertised. It is slower than the expensive Porter Cable unit but provides a smotther surface and is easier to control. It does a good job of getting 99% of the cuttings and works fine with my 4.5HP Shop Vac


Might be OK for a homeowner with time on his hands...
My 6+ hp Rigid Wet/Dry vac with a new filter wasn't enough to get this tool working well enough to be of any value to me.
I would not recommend this tool.


I found the Love-Less Drywall sander to be just about the best drywall product that I have owned. It cuts the job of sanding drywall in half. When teamed up with the Love-Less Drywall Vac it made for the cleanest sanding job that I have every done.
I found the sander to be fairly light and easy to use, even over and extended period of time. The extendable pole allows the sanding of ceilings without your feet leaving the floor. The pivoting head allows the sander to get into some tight spots.

The best part of this sander is the price. It does a fabulous job at less than half the price of other powered drywall sand


I read the other reviews before buying this. I am a general contractor with over thirty years of experience. I bought this for working on my own home; didn't expect commercial results. It takes some getting used to and it isn't all that versatile in close quaters, lots of chatter if you move it just the wrong way. It doesn't have enough square inches to properly sand a seam, but then if you want that kind of machine you pay the big bucks and buy the Porter Cable. For what I paid it was worth the money, it will also sand floors which is a plus.


The product is aptly named. It truly works as advertised: sanding nicely with hardly any mess. This thing has had some mixed reviews so I admit to being skeptical going in. However, I am pleased with the performance. A few things to note are as follow:

1.) Use a strong shop vacuum: I used this attached to a 6.5 HP Rigid blower-vac. The better the vacuum, the stronger the sanding action. I can see how some other comments of week sanding action may have been due to using an underpowered vacuum.
2.) Potential for gouges: Try not to fight the machine. Your tendency will be to scrub with it like a common pole sander. This might cause the sanding head to tilt and if it does it will gouge the heck out of the surface. One you tame this beast though, it will provide very nice results.
3.) Not quite half-sheet sized: The sanding head is slightly smaller (on both length and width) than a standard half-sheet sandpaper. Not sure why they did this, but it is a little annoying having to cut down the sheets to size.
4.) Not quite edge-to-edge sanding: this thing has small gaps on all four sides to allow the vacuum to capture all the drywall dust. For this reason, the sander will not reach completely to the edge. It comes very close but you will have to finish off the corners with something else (like square sanding sponge).

All in all, I was expecting a gimmick and was pleasantly surprised to find a tool I will continue to use on future projects


I am a remodeler and am always looking for less dust in my customers house. I have used the unit a few times and while I can sand faster by hand this is a truly dust free unit and well worth the small amount of extra time, and it saves a lot of wear and tear on the arm. This is the upgragded model that only requires oil in the unit every 4 hours, which is much better than the older model that required oil every 30 minutes. This model also seems much more powerful than the older unit. I would highly recomend the sander


Ok after reading all the reviews posted for this item as I do prior to any purchase,I decided to order the Turbo Sander anyway.

Most people gave a negative to low review on this item.So I received the sander and read the directions prior to the 1st use,well then off I was to try it out, I could see everyones low opinion of it, but as I slowed down and let the tool do the work I could see that it would be a useful tool to have around.....Very good dustless collection/handling ,it could use a real motor perhaps, but over all worth having


I just received my sander in the mail yesterday and put it straight to work. I have a 6.5 horse Craftsman shop vac that you can buy at Sears. I tested the sander first on a smaller vacuum and it did not perform well as many people had said. After hooking it up to the larger vacuum it was a completely different story. The thing couldn't be stopped. I pressed firmly, if not hard, on it into the wall and it only slowed down very little (read -- much harder than you would ever want to press on a sander, I was just testing its limits).

I have used orbital sanders with vac attachments in the past, and this performs just as well, but captures the dust MUCH better. The surface smooths quickly and smooths well. This is an excellent product and may not be as fast as hand sanding or the $400+ Porter Cable, but it is dustless, and I was sanding the kitchen as my wife was cooking in it and there was no air-born dust and very little that remained on the wall and floor.

Ensure you have a strong vacuum to make this product perform like it is designed to. You will be disappointed with a weak vacuum

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