DOW ENERFOAM 42 Junior Foam Kit
DOW ENERFOAM 42 Junior Foam KitDOW ENERFOAM 42 Junior Foam KitDOW ENERFOAM 42 Junior Foam KitDOW ENERFOAM 42 Junior Foam KitDOW ENERFOAM 42 Junior Foam Kit

DOW ENERFOAM 42 Junior Foam Kit


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    6 Cans of 30 oz. Enerfoam 42

    1 Pro Dispensing Gun, FGUN2

    1 Can of Enerfoam Cleaner


ENERFOAM™ 42 Professional Foam Sealant is a one-component, minimal expanding flexible polyurethane foam used for adhering insulated concrete forms, ICF block, EPS foam, EIFS, SIP panels,  architectural foam shapes and drywall, and sealing cracks and voids such as pipe penetrations. ENER42 expands only enough to generate an effective seal, retaining elasticity as the structure expands and compresses.


    Spray Gun Required for Application

    Enerfoam 10 Cleans Gun for Optimal Service Length

    Performs as a Spray Foam Adhesive and a Filler

    Dow Enerfoam 42 Bonds Quickly to Almost Anything

    One Spray Foam Can Is Equal to 40 Quart Tubes of Adhesive

    ENER42 Cures Initially in 10 Minutes

    Polyurethane Based Adhesive and Sealant

    950 Lineal Feet at 1/2" Bead Foam

    Used in ICF Construction, Building Continuous Insulation Systems, Weather Proofing, Sealing, Adhesive Applications, Foam Glue, Foam to Foam Adhesive


No problems whatsoever with this gun. Didn't Leak. Recommend!


Wow! A little goes a long way. Great product.


If you're doing bulk, you need the gun. Worth every penny


Great product and a great price


Used this to glue my FoxBlocks ICF to the footer, and to glue the second course to the first one. It did not expand too much to move them out of level, which was my main concern in using this foam. It is VERY sticky.


Bought to close up some draft holes. Works great.


Great price!


This is a great package! Everything is as advertised. I air sealed my 1500 sq ft house with this set and it could not have been easier to use. Read the instructions and proceed. The teflon coating on the spray gun is the best thing! The included cleaner makes cleaning a breeze. I recommend this set without hesitation and with high praise.