Dewalt DCT410S1 12-Volt Max Inspection Camera Kit
Dewalt DCT410S1 12-Volt Max Inspection Camera Kit

Dewalt DCT410S1 12-Volt Max Inspection Camera Kit



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The DEWALT 12-volt max inspection camera is designed to provide visual access to hidden nooks and hard-to-see areas. The camera features a 3-foot flexible snake-mounted camera lens with LED, a pistol-grip control, and a detachable LCD screen. A removable microSD card makes storage and transfer of images easy 

3-Foot, Camera-Tipped Snake for Easy Access
The camera's 3-foot camera-tipped snake allows you to get that camera lens around corners, inside or behind walls, and through grating so you can see hidden areas of the job site. The camera lens and snake are waterproof and feature a built-in LED, and can be used to inspect the inside of water-filled pipes. Mechanics can inspect engine cylinder walls by simply removing a spark plug and inserting the snake.


The camera comes with a 12-volt lithium-ion battery that fully recharges within one hour for ease of use.

Detachable Screen and MicroSD Card for Easy Viewing
The detachable 3.5-inch LCD screen allows for clear viewing from convenient locations up to 20 feet away from the camera. The camera's 3x zoom capability means you can get detailed shots. Additionally, the camera is equipped with a removable microSD card, enabling quick transfer to a smartphone or computer.


Easy Retrieval of Lost Parts
You can also use the camera to locate lost items in dark locations. A hook and a magnet are included in the kit--each one clips to the end of the camera lens for spot-on pick-ups and time-saving retrievals of small parts.


Warranty Information
This DEWALT tool comes with a three-year limited warranty, a one-year free service contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.


What's in the Box
Camera, lithium-ion battery, charger, hook, magnet, and box 


Pricy. But it does the job specially with the detachable screen for better maneuber. The cable is hardest than expected but it may be better that way. Screen quality is aceptable but inferior for the price.


I definitely have not utilized this to its greatest potential, but it was invaluable to save me time by confirming what was in a hollow before I started cutting into walboard. A small mark to help me orient the view would be helpful, but I worked it out. Highly recommend this if you're considering demoing a wall or building into it but don't want to find an insurmountable surprise after you've torn everything apart


I bought this really because because of cool factor. Tried it on heat exchanger I was blown away crisp clear pictures,led lights are adjustable so easy to use. Cable could be longer but you can buy extensions


i am a contractor, i have used just about every brand of inspection camera. DeWALT have done it again.i love Dewalt products anyway but the really went above with this camera.

if your looking to get an inspection camera, buy this one


This unit looks good compared to other units but I was frustrated after trying to get past the menu setup screen. The layout is not very intuitive and I'm a computer geek. The unit does work OK with the camera provided but don't expect to get tight bends in a wall. I found coax in a tight wall I was pushing up from under the house but I really had to strain the flex cable to see in the wall. The camera works good at a certain distance from the object you're trying to view and requires moving the the flex line in and out to get a good view. Since I needed one of these I decided on this unit because of the brand name and the fact the viewer can be removed and viewed. However, I think the RF interface is 2.4ghz and you may see reception issues around computer equipment and such. I paid $199 so I'm not upset. I think improvements could be made and since I have not tried the smaller camera I can't say too many bad things. I love my DeWalt Compound saw and other DeWalt tools so I would say not too bad for the money. However, don't spend more than $200.


If only this were less expensive I would give it 5 stars. But otherwise it has all of the following neat features:
- 3 foot snake cable is waterproof.
- The light at the end of the snake cable is very good. You can see clearly inside a dark wall, or inside a car door.
- You can record your footage onto a microSD (Note: microSD card is not provided).
- 3 levels of zoom (1.5x, 2x and 3x)
- sturdy construction (I dropped it once while trying to look inside the wall - it feel about 3 feet onto the counter, but was not even scratched, etc.)
- very nice carrying case.
- comes with attachments for hooking and a magnet as well.

The MSRP is way too high IMO. But if there's a good sale price (like half off or thereabouts), I would recommend buying


I originally got this to use in tight spots around the dryer exhaust. I wanted to see if several holes had any insulation beyond the brickwork since I found evidence of some bugs getting in. It worked perfectly and I was able to inspect the area and find a very narrow gap where the insulation was not installed correctly. I then managed to spray some liquid patch foam spray down in the hole fixing the problem. Often it's not a matter of seeing as much as seeing well enough to know you are getting to the problem. In this case, it worked flawlessly and kept me from wasting time & money on what seemed to be a gap in another spot, turned out having line of sight was the key.

Another situation recently presented itself and thank goodness I had this tool. When I heard what I thought was mice in our fireplace, I got out the dewalt camera. After searching down some of the holes in the mounting bracket, I was able to determine the direction the mice were coming in. Surprisingly they were under the patio slab and coming up in the gap between the brick work and the back porch. Very crazy and something I would've never guessed if I hadn't seen it myself. I then proceeded to patch the holes in the fireplace, keeping the mice from getting in further in the house - then had the outside areas where they were coming in treated to run them out. I had already called a pest control company and they checked my attic, around the outside walls, and the roof. They set traps around the house and in the attic, never catching a single mouse. So, they determined that it couldn't be mice I was hearing. Well, this little device proved them wrong. Even if the mice hadn't got into the rest my house yet - I was not going to give them time to figure out how. I'm happy and surely will find more uses for this camera as time goes on.


Works as advertised. Feature rich for price comparatively speaking to other professional products. I gifted this camera but expect I'll ask to borrow it occasionally.

I gave 4 stars because

> Doesn't seem to be a way to calibrate orientation of camera in regards to screen. I installed the cable every which way I could but never could get the camera's up to align with the screen's up. I suppose it doesn't matter when using this in tight spaces but it annoys me a bit to have to align it in my head or rotating display.

> the display can only be charged when on the hand-held unit. There is no way to charge it directly on AC or DC power off the unit. So this means you have to charge the hand-held part first and then charge the display when battery is back on the main unit.

> No owners manual in case. I was able to download a pdf from dewalt ok though.


The head on this is to big making it tuff to fit some areas. I have a cheaper camera I use more because it just fits better I can drill a hole 1/2 the size and it is more maneuverable. Also the resolution, brightness and screen could be bigger I have struggled with this seeing past 2" in a dark duct.


As is typical, Dewalt housed this camera in a custom case with carrying handle. The unit can be stored in the case fully assembled, or in varying stages of assembly. There is a small compartment with a door for the hook and magnet attachments. The charger is stored on its side in the case. It would be nice if it stored flat in the case so you wouldn't have to remove it for charging. Some of the Rigid Tool cases are set up this way and I find it to be efficient.

The initial setup was fairly basic with easy to follow instructions. There are settings for date & time and display formats for each. Charging the battery took 30 minutes. This particular unit needs the grey stripe on the camera end to be on top, relative to the handle. While the image is still not square on the screen, it is better than the inverted image I got the first time I assembled it. There is a key shaped like a hexagon that prevents the cable from spinning on the mount. This key is not aligned accurately for the image to be completely square on the screen.

The screen is a nice size for viewing. The resolution is high enough for the unit's intended use. I wouldn't try to watch a movie on it, although you could (without sound) from the micro SD card that is sold separately. It has 3 zoom levels: 1.5X, 2X, and 3X. The zoom is purely digital and creates the expected artifacts as the zoom is increased. This camera is not intended as a super high-end imaging system. The screen can be used remotely from the handle/camera assembly. By remotely, I mean about 10 - 15 feet away. The wireless signal is not strong and is easily distorted by the way you handle/hold the unit. This isn't a practical use problem. The screen and handle have separate power controls. This makes sense because they can be used remotely from each other. However, you must remember to switch both off to conserve battery power.

The camera is housed at the end of the cable. The images are transmitted electrically, not optically (as in fiber optics). Therefore, little degradation of image should occur when using the extension cables that are available (sold separately). The camera cable is flexable but stiff. There is an adjustable light housed at the end of the cable with the camera. It should also be noted that the camera and cable are water proof up to the point where they attach to the housing of the hand held unit. Submerged, picture clarity is only as good as the water is clear. The hook and magnet accessories are made of sturdy spring steel. It can easily lift a wire inside a wall. The magnet is quite strong for its 1/4" diameter size. The attachments mount securely to the camera end. It lifts a medium size pairs of pliers with no problem. The cable is flexible enough to make a circle 9 inches in diameter.

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