Dewalt DC012 Worksite Charger & Radio
Dewalt DC012 Worksite Charger & Radio

Dewalt DC012 Worksite Charger & Radio



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  • 1 hour charger for 7.2-volt to 18-volt DEWALT battery packs (except Univolt)
    • Runs off of 7.2-volt to 18-volt DEWALT batteries making it a cordless radio
    • The DEWALT 3-stage charging system provides maximum run-time and extends overall life of the battery
    • Power outlets offer more versatility for job site power
    • AM/FM digital tuner, LCD display, built-in clock, 15 station presets, weather resistant speakers with dual bass ports  


I am a self-employed handyman and count on my DeWalt tools on a daily basis. I am completely invested in the DeWalt line of cordless tools, and overall, am very pleased with the tool quality and durability. The radio/charger however leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Radio reception is poor. The tuning doesn't seem to stay "locked" on a station and drifts off after a while. It also doesn't seem to pull stations in very well that are farther away. More importantly, the battery charger is nearly worthless. Most of the time, I get the quick flash series indicating that the battery is no good and should be replaced. I put the same battery in a regular charger and it charges in 45 minutes with no problem. All other features are fine. I like having three outlets - a no brainer that should have been on the earlier model. Controls are fine and can be used with gloves on. For the job site radio, the sound is very good. Somebody else complained about the sound quality. Really!? If your job site is a cubicle, then by all means, forget this DeWalt and go for the Bose Wave radio. Bottom line, for the money, this radio should charge the batteries just as well as the stand alone chargers, and the radio tuner should be much better. If you don't have DeWalt batteries to charge, forget this radio. Your money can be much better spent. If you want to charge DeWalt batteries, forget this radio and stick with the standard chargers.


Note that this is the LATEST model (as of Feb 2013, anyway) of the Dewalt Work-Site radio, that charges LI-ION as well as the NI-Cads. This IS THE ONE YOU WANT, not the now-cheaper, older models. They won't charge LI-IONs.

Overall, Dewalt has the best work-site radio for 3 reasons: 1. It can be used as a charger, 2. It can run off of the charged battery if there isn't an electrical outlet available, and 3. It charges ALL Dewalt batteries. Li-ION, Ni-Cads, of all voltages. Dewalt has a huge advantage in the fact they have designed their older batteries (ie, a Ni-Cad 18V) to be compatible with the newer batteries (ie, a LI-ION 18V) of the same voltage. This certainly helps with the radio as well, since it can charge most Dewalt batteries made in the last several years. Most work-site radios only play from a fully charged tool battery; they DO NOT charge the batteries.

Now, for the radio itself:

Positives: Everything mentioned above, plus a very good digital layout and controls, and very rugged. Overall a very good design. The aux input for IPods, or other MP3 players, is really handy. They have resolved many of the issues of the older models.

Negatives: Sound is so-so. Not enough mid-range and treble sounds, too much base. Its acceptable, but not sure why Dewalt didn't invest in a little better speakers. Also, radio reception is just "ok". I hate it when you walk around a radio and the signal fades in and out. That's what this one does if the signal isn't super strong. Compared to other portable radios I have, the reception is weak. Not a problem if you have strong signals, but if they are marginal, you'll be wrapping a wire around the antenna.

In summary, I would buy it again, in spite of the sound quality and reception issues. It does what I need: Charges batteries, and plays a radio off of a charged battery.


I went out on a limb buying this with the problems that the older dewalt had and not having any reviews out yet, but this radio is awesome, its laid out real nice and really easy to use. everything from programing station memory to setting the clock on it are simple. the radio has a great dial for turning up/down the volume and changing stations. its damm loud, used it while a man was using a skidsteer 10 foot away in a horse stall and and i could still hear it clear and loud. the antenna is nice and swivels in a lot of ways and stays there. the display is clear and the clock comes quite in handy. the cord tucks away underneath the radio nicely. I bought this thinking i would never use the cordless function but was i wrong. i got 6 hours out of a older 18 volt that was pretty much charged. I would recommend this to anyone that wants a nice jobsite radio.

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