Dewalt DC012 Worksite Charger & Radio
Dewalt DC012 Worksite Charger & Radio

Dewalt DC012 Worksite Charger & Radio



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  • 1 hour charger for 7.2-volt to 18-volt DEWALT battery packs (except Univolt)
    • Runs off of 7.2-volt to 18-volt DEWALT batteries making it a cordless radio
    • The DEWALT 3-stage charging system provides maximum run-time and extends overall life of the battery
    • Power outlets offer more versatility for job site power
    • AM/FM digital tuner, LCD display, built-in clock, 15 station presets, weather resistant speakers with dual bass ports  


I don't work on jobsites so I don't use this radio everyday, but when I need some tunes on the go it's a great radio to have!

A couple quick things to know before buying:
*doesn't come with a dewalt battery, you need to purchase separately
*The outlets on the side work only when the radio is plugged in to a wall outlet
*There is an aux port so you can connect to any ipod or phone for music
*If your radio presets are cleared each time you turn it off/on, that means the small lithium battery in the back needs to be replaced (CR2032)

Perfect radio for the beach, camping, outdoor sports, deck parties, or just around the house!



This work radio is much better than the DC011. I had a DC011 and the radio went out - aux and charger still worked, but that's it. It was like $60 for parts - so I bought the DC012. So far so good. I like the 3 extra oulets (great feature), and the fact it charges Li-ion batteries. Overall, very pleased, just hope the radio keeps working (the main reason for the purchase). But, watch the cost from the 3rd party. I thought I was getting "free shipping", and then I got invoiced for $15 on top of the price, But no sales tax, and you can plug your Ipod into it. It does sound great and has Bass Boost! 4 stars due to the fact that it is new (could be 5 or 1 depending if the radio continues to work)!


Great radio, good sound it's ruggged. The directions state that it lasts 8 hours on one battery however I have been averaging 10 to 12 hours. I would highly reccomend this radio


I like this radio a lot. I bought it to play music in places that do not have an electrical hookup and for that reason alone it rocks. The battery charger feature is excellent - one hour with power and you're good to go. The outlets on the side allow you to use it as a charger for other devices, or run small tools from it while it's plugged into the wall. I've had no issues picking up radio stations with it, but for the most part I use the AUX jack and an MP3 player. The battery life is much better than I expected - I routinely run the radio for 6 hours or more at reasonably high volumes without draining the battery. This radio has a lot going for it, but I knocked off a star for sound quality. There are better sound machines - like the Milwaukee V28 with the Rockford Fosgate amp. The DeWalt's sound lacks some of the Milwaukee's clarity and punch. Don't bother using the "Bass Boost" button - it creates a muffled, boomy soundscape that is pretty terrible.

Overall though, the DeWalt is a great product with more features than its competitors. The charging capability and the extra outlets are great additions and the sound quality is good enough for an enjoyable party in the woods. I haven't had it long enough yet to test its durability, but I don't have any doubt that it will outlast my expectations. Pick it up, throw it around and have a good time.


I really like this item I seen a few complaints about a weak tuner and it's not that bad. Stations 50 miles away faded in and out but one about 20 miles away was ok and the local stations were too. It is well built sounds great and ran all day on my 7 year old 14.4v battery. I also love the Aux plug for my Ipod Touch.


So, I read the reviews about the reception issues,the volume issues etc. I have had no problems with this radio until today. This is not a problem that I would call major but definitely a problem worth mentioning. I have several cordless dewalt tools, so i thought it would be logical to use the radio to charge and play from the multitude of batteries i currently have. To be clear, this radio has performed flawlessly on the 18volt standard batteries from my drill/drivers. Until today. I was using all the 18volt batts so I grabbed the 9.6v from a smaller drill I rarely use, the charge feature worked well, but it will not play using this battery alone. you must use a higher voltage battery. I did have this radio fall from the tailgate of the truck and never miss a beat. The Ipod port is conveniently located, and the radio is exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend this to anyone.


I'm a big fan of DeWalt for almost 20 years, using 90% of this Brand name of power tools for building houses for living,i have love this radio for a while but just bought this radio from Amazon last week because it's on sale for $119 for ONLY 1 day ($169 from Home depot and Lowe's), everything as expected except the radio reception not really good as many others complained about, Therefore i gave it 4 stars for this item, However if you use the AUX for MP3 or ipod then you should give it 5 stars, the speakers sound loud and clear, charger compartment is very secure built, 3 side outlets for other equipments when you need them, solid and heavy made radio, i would recommended.


Works as it should. I haven't had the problem with reception that some did. Will charge a battery in 1 hour for a quick turn around. Would recommend it to anyone


I read all the reviews on all of the worksite radios and even went to the hardware stores to physically check them out. All had their pluses and minuses but the feature I liked most was the additional 3 outlets on the side. Some of the reviews complained about the radio reception but I haven't really had any problems


I finally broke down and bought one of these. I've been a Makita user for years, but converting over to Lithium Ion has caused me to re-evaluate brand loyalty. In looking over website reviews and opinions, I've decided to work my way over to DeWalt. With that, the radio/charger seemed like a good place to start.

The radio is plenty loud enough, even for listening in noisy conditions. Volume won't be an issue folks. I've read some reviews about the volume being less or even insufficient when using the input jack (which I've used for ipods and even my iphone). If it is less, it isn't enough to cause any meaningful difference. My eight-year-old daughter had a pool party at our house right after I got this, and I hooked her ipod up to it so they could listen to her music outside. That badboy blasted for hours on an 18v Lithium Ion battery way loud (no distortion). It was probably half volume, and ten screaming eight-year-olds were swimming, dancing and singing to all of it all through the yard. Again, if volume is your concern, worry no more.

Some people have talked about inaccessibility for a second input jack near the battery or battery cover. Despite the fact mine appears to be the same model, I can't find any such input jack. Even if I could, you're only going to use one at a time, and the jack on the front works great.

Some people talk about the quality of the radio case. Yeah, it's not exactly bullet proof. If not for the "roll cage", I'm sure this wouldn't make it through a couple jobs or parties or camp outings. But the roll cage is there and it does seem to do the protection job well, so no big concern there.

I've read some comments about wandering stations (not holding the station tuning). I've used mine mostly with ipod input, but when I have used it for radio, it hasn't wandered or acted up in any way.

FYI-The battery case is folding-locked and there is a flexible metal band that holds pressure to the battery so it won't rattle.

And so in summary, the music quality is good (not excellent and not bad); the volume is way ample; the yellow case is cheezy but the roll cage is ample and seems capable of protecting it. Four stars because it's a good radio in many respects, but it's not yet the excellent sounding bullet proof jobsite radio. If it was a few bucks less, it might have earned a fifth star in my book.

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