Dewalt 20-Piece Impact-Ready Magnet ToughCase Set
Dewalt 20-Piece Impact-Ready Magnet ToughCase Set

Dewalt 20-Piece Impact-Ready Magnet ToughCase Set



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Improved Durability

The magnetic ToughCase has been designed to meet professionals’ repeated requests for a durable, compact, and functional storage solution for bits, hole saws, and other common accessories. Constructed from the same high-impact resistant material that is used for DEWALT’s XRP cordless drill housing, the ToughCase container is extremely heavy-duty and capable of withstanding jobsite use. With its compact footprint, the ToughCase container conveniently fits into a user’s pockets or pouches, making it easily accessible at all times. Its small size is still large enough to hold common accessories including 6-inch SDS+ and drill bits, 1-3/8-inch step bits, and hole saws.

Convenient Jobsite Usability

Two magnets on top of the lid allow users to adhere the case to any ferrous material, and the rubber bumpers prevent the case from sliding. The built-in hooks on the back of the case make it easy for users to hang it from materials such as electrical boxes, which gives contractors the ability to focus on the task at hand and quickly finish the job.


DEWALT is a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories, including corded and cordless drills, saws, hammers, grinders, routers, planers, plate joiners, sanders, lasers, generators, compressors, nailers, saw blades, metal and masonry drill bits, abrasives, screw driving accessories and more. DEWALT tools can be found nationally and internationally, wherever tools are sold. With more than 1,000 factory-owned and authorized locations, DEWALT has one of the most extensive service and repair networks in North America.

What's Included

The DWMTCIR20 comes with one black magnetic ToughCase container, two 2-inch impact-ready #2 phillips power bits, one 2-inch impact-ready #2 square power bit, one 1-inch impact-ready slotted #8 bit, four 1-inch impact-ready phillips #2 bits, two 1-inch impact-ready phillips #3 bits, one 1-inch impact-ready square #1 bit, two 1-inch impact-ready square #2 bits, one 1-inch impact-ready star T25 bit, one 2-inch impact-ready 1/4-inch nutsetter, one 2-inch impact-ready 5/16-inch nutsetter, one 2-inch impact-ready 3/8-inch nutsetter, one 1/8-inch impact-ready drill bit, one 3/16-inch impact-ready drill bit, and one impact-ready pivoting magnetic holder.



  • Built-in magnets for convenient jobsite use
  • Includes 20 common impact driver accessories
  • Heavy-duty design for jobsite durability
  • Sized to fit other common accessories  


Handy little case to keep the little bits and pieces of a project together. Clasp is strong and so are the magnets. So much so that the magnets attract any metal objects inside the case and get stuck in the top, not enough for me to subtract a star but something to be aware of


My Husband works maintenance and this has been extremely helpful for all jobs big and small. He is literally finding excuses to use this around the house. Great quality


Dewalt is noted for making fine tools and this is no exception. Very well made in a very convenient case


I like this set very much.

It has a nice variety of bits and a cool case.

the bits held up well so far on the jobs i use them for


I like the box with the magnets except that its a little hard to my fingers in to get the little bits out and I've already chewed up all the no.2 phillips bits


good product for a good price. I am very happy with my purchase. I would recommend this product to anyone


case set arrived on time and new in box like ad described
i use it all the time magnets on lid are a great idea
everyone should have it


I needed some high-quality Impact-Duty bits and this set certainly makes the grade. Its got a good variety of bits and extra ones of the bits I need more of - I use mostly square drive fixings and there are 3 here so thats good. The bits feel heavy too which I guess is quite psychologically reassuring!

One thing I've noticed too is the magnets in the nutsetters are real 'hungry' which is great for priming up the impact driver with a tek screw when screwing on corrugated wall cladding. Also, I'm still on my first square drive bit after about 500 wood screws lining out a barn with plywood and screwing down ply shelving. Other square dive bits from other sets would have become 'round-drives' by now!

*! BUT !* there is *NO HEXAGONAL BIT* for 4-inch purlin screws so this set drops to 4-star for that reason. A good impacter hex bit would have been a real treat here. Another minor gripe was the pivot holder was a little bit scratchy and stiff when I first used it but a blast of WD40 has halfway sorted that out, and I've not yet found a need for the pivot feature yet.

I haven't used the 2 twist bits either but given my past experience with this type of quik-change twist bit I probably won't use them for fear of snappin' em. However, I know they'll be good for an emergency when I get caught out without a bit for a pilot hole or something and for that reason they stay in the Box - which is also pretty cool - its just the right size and now lives in my toolbelt. Its got a good strong clasp on it and it seems reasonably robust. I wouldn't want to drop it off the top step of a ladder though! I also did a load test and it doesn't actually take much stuff to make it slip down whatever surface you magnetize it to! I conducted my test on my trusty refrigerator and you wouldn't want to put much more in the Box than the illustration on the packaging shows. Not that I've had much need for this feature anyway. I quite like the way bits stick to the magnets on the underside of the box so when I open it its like my bits are kind of "Laid out" for me. People here are grumbling that the box becomes cluttered - just don't put the whole set in it! HaHa - Problem solved!

To conclude, I haven't liked any of the DeWalt powertools I've tried - they're heavy & clunky, and there is No Way I would have paid full price for this and I must admit I was skeptical when I read "MADE IN CHINA AND TAIWAN" but seeing as it was on special offer and I had a need to fulfill I went for it and I am very pleased with it and I can tell it will definately last.


As always, DeWalt comes through with another great product. Very sturdy and made to last. Latch is very strong and the case is indestructible. Highly recommended


My dad had this:
Bosch CC2130 Clic-Change 27-Piece Drilling and Driving Set with Clic-Change Chuck

So I got this DeWalt magnetic case since it was bigger.

Well the Dewalt case is bigger, but I don't like it as much. The Bosch case has a magnet on the entire top of the case. The DeWalt just has two magnets. What this means: with the Bosch you can just toss bits in and they will stick to the magnet top, but with the Dewalt the magnets are just for sticking the case onto a ladder or siding. Another part of why I like the Bosch bit case more is because it is smaller it is easier to carry it on ladders/roofs etc.

I do like this Dewalt case, it does have its uses, the bits are high quality and every bit as good as the Bosch, but I was hoping the dewalt case would have a larger magnetic area to attract bits. I didn't realize it would just be two quarter sized magnets. If you fill the case with bits it will be too heavy for the magnets, but that's expected. These are powerful magnets for their size, but they are small magnets, and size does matter with magnetic strength. It does hold the 20 bits it comes with plus a few extras easily though.

So both cases are good in their own right, but not all magnetic cases are the same is my point. I did get this case for half the price of the Bosch, but I'm still half wishing I just would have gotten what I knew I liked.

Hope that helps!

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