Dap CrackShot Spackling Interior/Exterior

Dap CrackShot Spackling Interior/Exterior


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Professional Knife Grade Spackling Paste for easy application and superior paintability. Its creamy texture applies smoothly, dries hard and sands effortlessly, delivering quality results every time. This professional formula will not shrink and will not 'flash' paint. Interior/exterior use


I bought this to fill in a few cracks and holes in the walls and/or ceiling of our house. I just used an old, cancelled credit card to apply and it worked fine. It dries very smooth and I didn't have any problems with it shrinking after drying.

This is a fairly small tub, maybe the size of a coffee cup, or a bit smaller. If you've only got a few small jobs then it's a good size. Just be aware that if you have a lot to spackle, you might need more than this.


The quality of this product is great and that is not in question. However, if you were like me and didn't look at the fact that its a measly 8 oz. container and not the 32 oz larger size that you can get at your local home improvement store for Less than the price of this 8 oz. container, then you might feel as slighted as me. Lesson learned - always read the product description carefully.


I recently had to break away some old paint and plaster on the wall. I didn't want ot buy and mix my own compound so i bought crack shot.

THe area is about 2 feet by 1.5 feet. It was only about 2cm deep. Needless to say, the crackshot was hard to spread over such an area because the compound starts to lump and does not run smooth over the area that easy.

If you need to patch a small area, it would work, but anything bigger than your taper, don't even bother trying.


This stuff is great. Filled in some pretty large holes and it looks like new. If you have textured walls make sure to get texture spray but besides that just spread it on, smooth it out, let it dry (which takes very little time) and paint. Great product.


this stuff not only did a great job covering the holes in the wall made by screws and nails from our handing pictures and curtain rods, but it also did a great job covering up the rubbed corners of the walls in our apartment. the white matched the paint perfectly. my husband even used it to cover up some of the kitty scratches on the wall. this stuff works great!


Not much else to say except that this product certainly got the job done. Planned on it being used to cover our large living and dining room, but there was plenty left over to finish up the rest of my apartment. Shipped very quickly and arrived on the day they said it would. I would definitely recommend.


I bought this spackling as a part of roaches battling. It seals all the holes and I have seen much less roaches in my apartment!!!


Repairing holes in my wall with this and Walboard Tool 54-006 6" X 6" Drywall Repair Patch was EASY. Wish I had done it sooner instead of worrying if I could do it myself or would have to spend ridiculous money trying to hire someone else to do it


This stuff is so good! The only thing is I had to buy several since i couldn't find it in a larger container. You won't be disappointed in this stuff


This was an easy fix for some nail holes in my plastered walls. I had many and decided it was time to relocate some of my art. The exposed holes needed to be filled ... easy, simple ... done!

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