Bosch PB360S Basic Power Box Jobsite Radio

Bosch PB360S Basic Power Box Jobsite Radio



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Surround yourself with premium 360-degree stereo sound with the Bosch PB360S Power Box 360 job-site radio, which offers a high performance, weather-resistant system that produces up to 26 watts of sound output. The innovative 4-way speakers plus integrated subwoofer create a high quality sound that projects in all directions at the same time.

It includes an AM/FM radio with 20 FM and 10 AM presets, 4 preset and custom equalizer settings, protective roll cage, 4-way power outlets and 12-volt DC adapter. Operate the Power Box 360 with Bosch 14.4V-18V lithium-ion batteries, or charge them with the unit's built-in battery charger. The integrated Digital Media Bay includes a powered USB port and SD/MMC card slot compatible with MP3 and WMA files stored on optional cards, as well as two auxiliary inputs for connecting MP3 players, CD players, or portable satellite receivers via a 3.5mm stereo mini jack 


Hear Everywhere
  • 360-degree premium sound
  • 4 speakers and integrated subwoofer project sound in all directions
  • 26 watts of power
  • Up to two more sound power than previous Power Box (model PB10-CD)
Hear Everywhere
Use Anywhere
  • Rugged aluminum/rubber roll cage withstands tough job-site conditions
  • Weather resistant design keeps out moisture, dust & debris
  • Powered by Bosch 14.4V-18V Lithium-Ion batteries (not included), or by any 120V power source
Use Anywhere
Play Everything
  • Advanced digital tuner for premium reception
  • USB and SD ports
  • Internal and external auxiliary ports for portable MP3, CD and satellite players
Play Everything
Charge Anything
  • Charge Bosch 14.4-18V lithium-ion batteries
  • 4 power outlets
  • 12V DC power outlet
  • Powered USB port
Charge Anything




Got the BAT619G 18V Lithium-Ion HC battery with fuel gauge to go with it. 20 plus hours of music on one charge..Use my 6th Gen. I-pod as well, and the whole job-site is rockin' and rollin'...Might be a little on the heavy side, but I guess that could be a good thing..Adleast it stays where you put it...Been using it for two months, and really don't have one bad thing to say about it.
Sounds AWESOME !! Would definately purchase another one...


Firstly, for those who want the quick answer: yes this is a solid, practically indestructible, powerful radio. The bells and whistles on this unit sold me instantly. Bosch's only [STUPID] downfall was not allowing music from an iPod to be played via usb. A decision that I'm sure they're regretting now. *You can still play it through AUX cable though*

Longer answer: I originally purchased this radio from Lowe's for $214 (price including tax), this was a calculated mistake. I wanted to know exactly what I was buying before ordering online because everyone knows how much more difficult it is to return an online item than in a brick and mortar store. I found that this radio was plenty powerful despite my previous doubts. Also the strategic positioning of the four speakers on the corners of the cube really do distribute the sound 360 degrees; to me the bottom subwoofer is just a cool bonus that no other jobsite radio can boast. I tested all the ports, battery compartment, and outlets and found that everything delivered just as it should. Just note though the battery charging option is slower than the speed charger that comes with Bosch 18v tools. I returned the unit I purchased from Lowe's and had it shipped to my house for $150 (Christmas sale) nearly $65 savings! Thanks Tool Zone Plus.....


I read the bad reviews on FM reception but bought the unit anyhow.
I am using Bosch 18V cordless tools, so this is what I need to use and charge
the batteries. Everything on the radio works WELL except the FM and some AM reception. The antenna is a joke. Does not work in my house, in the garage
or in my house. (I do not live in a large city, but all other radios in my house and garage pick up FM stations!) Dear Bosch: jobsites include indoor situations!
Bosch response was they were sorry to hear I had a problem, the antenna is
a 4mm thread. Well, I have tried numerous places to get a much better antenna with a 4mm thread and have failed to find one.
Bosch SHOULD sell a bigger antenna and a 4mm thread adapter to wire the
unit to an external antenna, but they don't.
I bought the radio to listen to RADIO, but will have to use the USB port, which works fine with flash drives.


Overall, I am greatly pleased with this radio, epically when compared to my Dewalt . The sound and radio reception are clearly superior.
My complaint is that you must set the equalizer setting each time the radio is powered down. Why not have it remember the setting? The sound quality is the main reason that I switched to the Bosch, and the equalizer contributes greatly to this.
As to a previous complaint about the radio draining the Li Ion battery when not plugged in, this is greatly accelerated if the AA batteries that power the clock and radio presets are dead. Then the rechargeable battery takes over and drains quickly. Change your AA's


I owned the previous version of this radio as well, and this one is even better. The 360 sound is great, as is the addition of the subwoofer, and the radio tuning is better (though it still could use a little something, particularly on the AM dial). But the second aux input, line out, and digital music bay are outstanding, as is the new roll cage design. Highly recommended


got this as a gift for x-mas and ever since I got it I look for any reason to use it. The sound on this bad boy is so dam good, I might even go as far to say that it might even sound better then my Bose radio! This box can get pretty loud and it will fill open spaces and large rooms with its awesome sound. The roll cage is built solid and will take pretty high falls. But if this thing falls don't worry about the box worry about your floor this thing weighs in at a hefty 25 pounds. There is nothing wrong with this machine that I can find, it is prefect. Bosch has really out done them selfs on this product. Nothing else on the market can compete with this box-of-awesomeness!


I saw this radio at the IWF show in atlanta and it really has fantastic sound with 4 speakers on each top corner and a sub woofer on the bottom you can plug in you iphone, ipod or even a usb chip and play your music all day.

they have 2 models the difference is the other one has remote control and access to syrys radio.

plus it still has the plug etc. I highly recommend this for rocking and rolling at the job site all day and for parties all night.


Update; It's been a year and half and the radio works great, no complaints. We had it in a breezeway and a 20' extension ladder got blown over onto it, the frame took a full hit and just slightly bent. Held up great, most other radios would have been smashed.

I've tried out a dozen jobsite radios over the years and this is by far the best. I'm completely satisfied with the initial quality, I'll update the review as time goes by.

I've had it on the job for the last month and it feels tough and sounds good. The reciever works well and the outlets are nice. They can handle 10 amps between the 4, not sure what happens if you overload them. It's great having an extra charger and the digital storage bay is handy.

UPDATE; If you pop the 10amp breaker for the outlets they just reset after a while. I use the outlets to charge my cell and run other battery chargers, they work great for that.

It's a little hard to figure out which brands of SD cards and USB devices are supported. So far I found that kingston SD is not supported.

UPDATE; This has been on the jobsite the last 6 months with no complaints, it gets decent reception and is tough as nails. I love the built in outlets for charging my batteries. Great product.


I own the previous Bosch radio, which was nice, though i never used the CD player and it didn't charge my litheon batteries. This one charges them, not as fast as the charger unit, but still. The sound is great, even better than the previous, as the subwoofer is a very nice touch! Build quality is great, the size is smaller and much more sleek and updated looking. I'd buy it again!


I've been eyeing this radio for some time before I bought it. LOVE IT! Thank you Bosch for putting all the great things on this radio. USB, SD, AUX input, AUX output, subwoofer, 360 degree sound. It was only missing one thing-a DEWALT Charger on it.(please see photo I added). Now I have the beauty of the Bosch radio, and it charges Dewalt batteries!! I hard wired it and srewed it to the top of the radio. Dewalt missed the boat-their new radio sucks.

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