Bosch 12-Volt Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver -2 L-BOXX, 2 Batteries-Charger
Bosch 12-Volt Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver -2 L-BOXX, 2 Batteries-Charger

Bosch 12-Volt Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver -2 L-BOXX, 2 Batteries-Charger



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Bosch's PS31-2A 12-volt max drill/driver has a compact, lightweight design for easy handling overhead and in tight spaces, allowing users to tackle professional jobs with ease. Offering high torque and the convenience of two speed settings, this tool is powerful and user-friendly for fast, efficient drilling and driving. This drill/driver combines speed, power, and performance, making it ideal for professionals and do-it-yourselfers. The drill/driver's build consists of a 7-inch head length and 2-pound body. This streamlined design makes the drill small enough to fit into tight areas, and well-suited for continuous overhead work. This drill/driver also features a 3/8-inch single sleeve chuck, allowing the tool to be ideal for a variety of applications. It also has a variable speed trigger so that speed regulation will always be perfect. With this small drill/driver you can work anywhere, anytime. An integrated LED illuminates dark corners and low-light areas so your visibility is never compromised. In addition to providing illumination, this drill driver is also trademarked with Bosch's Electronic Cell Protection (ECP), which extends the run time and life of the tool. The fuel gauge is conveniently located on the side of the tool for easy battery management. Bosch has invented a drill/driver that is 22-percent more compact, has 25-percent more torque, and can perform at speeds up to 15-percent faster than ever before.

Bosch's Click & Go System

Now more than ever, today’s professional contractors, remodelers, electricians, plumbers, and installers alike know that time is money. Studies indicate that professionals can easily improve productivity by reducing time spent searching for tools, sorting through their trucks, and organizing supplies. The Bosch Click & Go system allows users to efficiently organize, store and transport their tools and accessories.

The Bosch L-Boxx-An Intelligent Transport and Storage System

The innovative click system allows for easy connection and disconnection of any number of L-Boxx’s. With the ease of single-click stacking, each L-Boxx easily locks together for easy transport and handling. Top, front and side handles offer three carrying options for comfort in all situations (L-BOXX-1, L-BOXX-1A, L-BOXX-2) and four compatible height options allow users to choose the appropriate size L-Boxx for various tool sizes. For added peace of mind, the L-Boxx case features a water resistant design to prevent water from entering case in the back of your truck or on the jobsite (not IP65 rated).

In addition, Bosch, Sortimo, and Knapheide have partnered to bring you innovative tools, storage solutions and the ideal vehicle configuration for the job. Safety, flexibility, efficiency, and quick access to the right tools for the job can give you more time in your day to get back what’s really important.

Improved Productivity

All Bosch L-BOXX products offer flexible storage solutions for their users-making them unique in the current marketplace. With better customizable organization, downtime spent searching for tools and parts becomes non-existent. In addition, fewer trips will have to be made from the workshop or storage unit and to the store, since your tools and accessories can now be stored in one custom, organized area 


Great piece of equipment. a must have for all home owners. the case is the icing on the cake. Definitely recommended. Awesome product for 150


I will review this from the perspective of giving this as a gift. My father is a tool fanatic and has a garage that is very difficult to find anything in. He is stubborn, however, and has stuck with his 10 year old Ni-cad 18 volt tools. I thought that this would be a great thing to get him for two reasons -

1.) The LBOXX system would be perfect for him to start using to organize his mess of a garage - if only to help me grab stuff out of there.

2.) I wanted something that was a little lighter weight, and was convinced that the new lithium ion batteries would be good for power.

I was right - since I bought this set for him, he has not only filled up the additional LBOXX with stuff, he also has turned around and started buying LBOXXes like crazy. I haven't been to his garage since he has kicked into organization mode, but I have a feeling I will be able to find stuff much more easily.


my dewalt 14v went out and I needed a new drill/driver. I saw the sale on this one and it looked good enough. When it came I put it to quick use and it seemed just as strong or stronger than the dewalt 14v. I'm not an expert though, so for the regular guy just needing some around the house help, I recommend this one


This review is tricky - because it is based off the price Amazon offered during their lightning deals Christmas season - $94.

In the box are two L-Boxxes - Boxx 1 and Box 1A. 1A has the inserts, Box 1 has a molded interior to hold the PS31 drill driver (with a battery installed), one spare battery and the 30 minute charger. In total - two batteries. At its normal price (just under $200), this is a good deal - the tool alone usually retails for $119, the boxes are $40 and $50.

Speaking of the Boxxes, you'll get hooked - they are insanely well built, can stack and lock.

And as for the PS31 - that is just an amazing tool. It'll easily replace 95% of the things you normally do with much larger tool.


I have been gradually phasing out lesser quality tools such as Black & Decker and its offspring Dewalt, for example. I have found Bosch tools to be superior in every respect. Why Consumer Reports (CU) does not even list Bosch in its ratings of cordless drills is a major mystery to me. I guess it is due to the bias which I have detected with CU, IMHO. As far as the Bosch PS31-2AL. Here are some comments regarding the usefullness of this very fine product:


Very handy especially for simple wood or metal jobs.

Smaller size adapts well for use in tight areas

Easy to use - change bits, etc.

Fits well in hand

Charges quickly

Battery indicator light

LED light




We've been doing a bit of home improvement in the last few months, and my husband is a woodworker, so this drill was incredibly useful to have. We've had quite a few drills in the last few years- we've never splurged on a really good one and always got slightly less expensive ones than the Bosch drills. But now that we've used the Bosch for a variety of applications for several weeks, I don't think we can go back to the less expensive ones.

A quick list of what we found particularly interesting about the Bosch excels at:
* Comfortable
* Charges very quickly
* Has plenty of power for most jobs while still being smaller and lighter than 14.4V & 18V drills
* The forward / reverse switch is located a bit higher than our Milwaukee, which is very nice because when they are lower it is easy to accidentally switch it from reverse to forward (when using right handed) with the side of your trigger finger. For lefties, I'd imagine the situation would be even worse since they would be accidentally switching from forward to reverse.
* The two speed gear box is great. It gives you much better control when you need to perform low speed/high torque operations. I don't know how I lived without it before.

Highly recommended. Do yourself a favor and splurge on this drill if it's something you use regularly. I promise you it's worth the extra cost and you'll be using it for years and years to come.


I purchased this before at clovis-tools, and its a great deal. The boxes are great, I love how they stack. The only bad thing is the box that has the drill doesnt have the foam in the top, so you would have to buy that if you want to use the box for other storage. I suppose I could make a piece to fit out of some ridgid foam.


This is a moderately powerful, moderately quick drill that would be nothing special except for two things:

1. The size. This is a nice sized drill, smaller than normal but not dinky, that is perfect for tight places where you don't need the power of a full size 18v drill. Cabinetry, electrical work, overhead installations, etc. It is powerful enough to drive screws into plywood but I didn't care for it in that regard, I went back to my 18v Hitachi's for that. But for lighter work, like when installing electrical switches or such, this thing is great. If I could only have one drill, this wouldn't be it (that would be one of my 18v Hitachi's) but it would be my second as I rarely use either of my two half incher's.

2. The BOXXes are very nice. This from a guy who throws away 99% of the cases which accompany tools. This package comes with 2. One is full of trays. The other holds the drill, two batteries, and the charger ... in one half the BOXX. The other half has another insert (I know not what it fits, if anything) but the hot set up is to order the companion reciprocating saw which comes with its own insert. Bosch Bare-Tool PS60BN 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Pocket Reciprocating Saw with Exact-Fit L-BOXX Tool Insert Tray. Put the insert for that killer baby recip saw in the BOXX with the drill insert and you have the drill, two batteries, a charger and a killer reciprocating saw, all in one BOXX with room for blades and bits. You could work all day in a crawlspace or attic or kitchen with that set up and never come out for more tools.

Recommended. Highly recommended, provided you routinely work in spaces or conditions where a smaller drill or recip saw would come in handy, and provided you understand neither is as powerful as normal sized, 18v, power tools. Powerful, yes. Just not AS powerful. Fast, yes. Just no AS fast.


This Bosch tool is a great deal and I love the 2 L-Boxx that we got with it! Normally one would pay about the same for just the drill, without the L-Boxxes. I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to get this kit for the same price. The L-Boxxes are so cool - very sturdy and well built. They are great to put screw bits, drill bits, screws, bolts etc in. The simple fact that you can stack several of these together just adds to the fact that I already love them! Even if the drill is small - it is still useful around the house and packs a nice little punch. Couldn't be happier.


Really happy with the tool itself; I bought it to carry along with of my 18 volt Bosch impact driver and hammer drill set, when the hammer drill is more than the job calls for, such as drilling small pilot holes or working in tight places. the battery life is pretty good for a 12 volt, and the charger is really fast. The L boxx with the bin dividers is something I've needed for a long time, and I was under the impression that I was getting 2 of them. The second one, which from the outside is identical, was actually half case ( for the drill& charger) and half wasted space. The drill, charger, and extra battery sit on the left side in a cheesy plastic molded thing, while the right side has another plastic molded thing that looks like it was designed to hold something else , but ends up just being an inefficient use of space. I wish the case had been another one with the bin dividers, as the case is way too big for the driver and charger, and at the very least, some meaningful divider system for the right side of the case.

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