Ergonomic compact design & smooth pressure rod advancement Steady trigger & no mess stop Premium caulk removal tool Includes 4 nozzle precision tips in the kit 2 - 2oz premium paintable caulk
Ergonomic compact design & smooth pressure rod advancement Steady trigger & no mess stop Premium caulk removal tool Includes 4 nozzle precision tips in the kit 2 - 2oz premium paintable caulk

Adtech Pro Touch Caulk Kit


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The Pro touch caulk kit has the following features: ergonomic compact design, smooth pressure rod advancement, steady trigger - stop, new compact canister loading system, premium caulk removal tool, 4 precision tips, and a rubber glove.


  • Ergonomic compact design & smooth pressure rod advancement
  • Steady trigger & no mess stop
  • Premium caulk removal tool
  • Includes 4 nozzle precision tips in the kit
  • 2 - 2oz premium paintable caulk


this product works great
dries quickly too


I'm very handy around the house, and enjoy small projects. Unfortunately, I'm not very good with a caulk gun. I get globs, too much caulk, and then I end up with a giant tube of caulk that is dried up by the time I need it again.

I tried to solve this by buying a better caulk gun. My thought was that if I had an easier to use tool, I would get better results. I took a look at them, and found that the more expensive guns are built with heavier-gauge metal, but the overall mechanism is the same. So if you pay more, you'll get a heavier gun that works the same as the cheaper ones, but will likely last longer. Which is not at all what I needed.

If this had been available, I would have purchased this instead and saved myself the learning experience.

It uses small, proprietary tubes of caulk which can be resealed after use. The tips are only good for one job, however. This means you'll have to buy more of both from the company. Which is okay for small, around the house jobs, but isn't going to be cost effective if you are putting in a house fulll of windows. In other words, this is for the homeowner, not the home builder.

The gun itself is sturdy plastic, so it is small and lightweight, but won't survive a drop off the roof. The action of the trigger is very closely connected to the plunger. With a standard gun, the trigger engages a ratchet mechanism, which pushes the back of the caulk tube inward, and out comes the caulk. This one also goes one way, but the pushing motion happens more through friction than little ratchet steps. This gives a lot more feel and control over the caulk as it leaves the gun. It is more like squeezing the tube directly instead of turning a key that then squeezes the tube. The overall effect of this is to make the caulk come out in a very controlled rate. It is a lot easier to control than a standard gun.

The small caulk tubes also contribute to this, as it limits how quickly the caulk can come out. This might frustrate a professional, who has done this a thousand times and wants to caulk the door frame as fast as possible so he can go home. For the homeowner, this is great, because it limits the globs of caulk that form when too much comes out too fast. You can actually lay down a bead of caulk like you are supposed to, rather than a huge snake of thick caulk that gets everywhere. And, yeah, I've done that far too often.

One thing I found somewhat odd is that they include a nitrile rubber glove to put on and smooth out the bead with your finger. Then you toss the glove, and you are done. This seemed a little persnickety to me, as if I'm going to smooth out a bead with my finger, I'll probably just do that and clean up afterward rather than use a rubber glove. I also think using a plastic tool to do the bead will normally give you better, repeatable results, and I'm surprised they didn't include one. When you buy this, throw one into your cart at the same time. You'll be glad you did.




I have yet to re caulk my tub with this product, but it seems okay for the price.


No easier than any other caulk. Unfortunately, I will have to hire someone to do the job. Was hoping it was as easy as it said.


I bought this because I am pretty new to DIY and regular caulking guns seem like such a hassle. I was happy with how comfortable the gun was and how easy it was to use. Considering this was my first caulking project, I have to say it came looking great and I will definitely be using this again.


I have tried a lot of those clunky metal caulk guns as well as the tapered (like toothpaste) tubes where u just cut off the tip for small projects around the house, and have always had a hard time w an even bead due to the difficulty in getting the pressure consistent for an even flow. i was a bit wary of this kit, cuz it seemed so flimsy with the plastic, and because you have to buy specialized caulk in Adtech's proprietary tubes that fit the gun. Well, after trying this out, i'm a convert. I've never been one to rave about caulking guns, but, this is a keeper!! If anyone as amateur as me can make a clean line and smooth(ish) finish, regularly skilled people (or pros who want better tools) should have no trouble at all. i had cracked and irregular caulk and paint all around an old window, and was able to get a fairly smooth look in no time flat (ok, maybe not the smoothest, but this was a huge step up for me....).

The caulk tube is easily uncapped/ recapped with a snap for a tight seal, and the caulk itself was very smooth and washed off the custom tip and my hands easily (i did need to use a toothpick to plumb the tip) . Because the flow is precise and very responsive to your finger pressure, i barely wasted any at all. i actually think this will save me a lot of money in caulk compared to those big tubes that don't come out smoothly, and which often cannot be recapped well after being cut. This device is really handy, and i love it.


The product has served and performed as advertised to the "T" it works beautiful and remains use able and didn't dry after few days between usage.
The one issue is the size and quantity in the tube. A little short on quantity value, though,, it does all that is crazy ked up to be and I am extremely happy.


Best caulking tool I've used!


Good size
Convenient to be easy to use

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